Five Ways You Can Get Paid For Losing Weight


Many people struggle to lose weight. Changing their lifestyle and eating healthy can be difficult. The rewards of losing weight are looking better and feeling better. For some people, these reasons are not enough to make the drastic changes that are necessary to start losing weight. If you need more incentives, there are a few ways that you can get paid to lose weight. This is a great deal. You can lose the weight, look and feel better, then earn the money that you need to buy a new, skinny wardrobe. If you think that you could benefit by losing weight and you want to get paid in the process, you should look into the following offers. Many people have already earned money through these programs, and you can too.


HealthyWage is a legitimate company that will pay you to lose weight. It is not a diet regimen or a weight loss plan. It is just a company who helps you to stay motivated to achieve your weight loss goal. To start the program, you would need to log into the website, then the HealthyWage Prize calculator. You would enter how much weight you want to lose. You must enter a minimum of 10 percent of your starting body weight. Next, you would enter how long it will take you to reach your weight loss goal and finally, how much you are willing to bet each month. Using this information, the calculator will determine what your prize will be if you achieve your goal.

Each month, you would lay down your monthly bet. When you start the challenge, you would upload a video recorded weigh-in. After that, you would do weekly weigh-ins, but they would not need to be recorded. At the end of your challenge, you would do your final video recorded weigh-in. If you achieve your goal, you would be given your cash prize. If you don’t, the money that you put in each month would go to the company to pay out other participants who did achieve their goal. There have been participants who have won up to $3,000. The maximum amount you can win is $5,000. For more information regarding making money to lose weight or if you are ready to place a bet on yourself, visit


DietBet is another way to make money losing weight by betting on yourself. There are always competitions happening on the site and you can join in on any of them. You can also create your own competitions and invite people to join. To be part of a competition, you would need to put up some money. Some of the bets are as low as $10. At the end of the competition, those who met their weight loss goals would split the pot. If you are lucky enough to be a winner, you would be paid via Paypal. For more information about the program or to place a bet, visit


Pact is an app that is available on Android devices and iPhones. This app is a bit different than HealthyWage and DietBet. Rather than challenging you to lose weight, it challenges you to live a healthier lifestyle. There are three types of pacts that you can make. If you like, you can do all three. They include logging the food that you eat, pacts to eat more vegetables, and pacts to get to the gym on a regular basis. When you sign up, you would need to put a credit card or your Paypal account on file.

If you go a day without sticking to your pact, the company can deduct money from your account. In order to verify that you are sticking to your chosen pacts, there is a verification process that you must go through. If you don’t go through the process, you will end up losing money. According to the site, you can earn between $0.35 to $5.00 each week. It may not seem like too much money, however, it is something. After you have accumulated $10 in earning, you can withdraw the money through your Paypal account. For more information about Pact or instructions on how to download and use the site, visit.


Fitstudio is an app that you can download on your Android device or your iOS device. It is produced and supported by Sears and Kmart. The basic premise of this app is to get you exercising on a regular basis. To use the app, you would first need to create a free account. Next, you would need to sync it with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, or any other fitness tracking app. This will let Fitstudio know that you are sticking to your fitness routine. The app will pay you $5 for every 15 miles that you walk. It will also pay you $5 if you are able to burn 5,000 calories within a week. In total, you can earn up to $260 each year. For more information about how this app works, visit


AchieveMint allows you to earn points by using the fitness apps that you might already be using. This app is available on Android and iOS devices. To use the app, you would simply connect it to your Fitbit or any other exercise app that you use. Next, you would set up an account on the app. When you track your weight, water intake, sleep patterns, diet, and your exercise, you can earn points. You can even earn points based on the amount of steps that you take. When you have earned 50,000 points, you will earn $50. It might take time, but you can earn real cash by using the app. For more information on how the app works and how to sign up, visit

The biggest reward that you can get from diet and exercise is a healthier and better-looking body. If you can earn some cash along the way, it’s an added bonus. You can sign up for one of all of the apps and websites listed above. Being able to earn money by losing weight could be the incentive that you need.


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