Five Ways to Buy, Sell, and Trade Stuff Online That are Better than Ebay


Declutter your home and declutter your mind; that’s a theory that really does have a profound effect on the way people feel. Let’s offer a quick scenario for your mental viewing pleasure. You’re running late for your kid’s dance recital and you cannot find your car keys. You have to go NOW or risk being the parent that can’t get your stuff together and your kid where she needs to be at the correct time – which affects the entire dance team (shudder). But you can’t go anywhere without your keys, so you start opening up drawers in the kitchen in an effort to find them, but all you find in your junk drawers is that they are too full to close and things are falling out, filling up the cabinets below and making a bigger mess. Now you’re not only late and missing your keys, you’re overwhelmed because of your clutter.

It’s a true story; clutter makes you crazy, and there is no getting around it. When my life is as clutter-free as possible, I feel so relaxed, in control and not even remotely overwhelmed. But when my kitchen junk drawer fills up and I start finding papers and toys and items in the baking dishes in the cabinet below, I start to have a small meltdown. Decluttering your home can change your life for the better. It can make you more productive, less stressed and much happier, and that’s why so many people turn to eBay to declutter. It’s a great way to make some money cleaning out your garage, attic, closets and play rooms, but really isn’t the only way you can make a little extra cash decluttering. Nor is it always the best way to make a little extra cash decluttering. We have a few suggestions that allow you to buy, sell and trade your belongings that make eBay look like child’s play. – Baby Clothes and Accessories

This is an amazing site that I plan on using in the near future. The site is one in which you consign your baby and children’s clothing and accessories. The site will evaluate your gently used clothing and accessories and offer you a payout. If your items are worth less than $60, you will receive an immediate payout. If they are worth more than that, you will receive your money once the items sell. It’s a great way to get rid of the clutter that your kids create with their clothes and accessories, and the site also deals with maternity clothes, handbags and women’s clothing. With four kids and four walk-in closets filled with clothes, shoes and accessories, it’s only an amazing idea that I try this out. – Anything

You must have an iPhone or Android device to use this app, but it’s worth it. What it is, Yerdle, is a site for people who want to get rid of things in their home but not for cash. You receive points through the app that you can use to purchase other items through the app. Now you’re probably wondering why you want to get rid of one thing just to replace it with another, but there is a method to this madness. The purpose is so that you can declutter what you don’t want and use your points to purchase other items from other people that you might need or actually want in your life.

Think of it this way; you could throw things way and fill up a landfill, or you can let someone buy it from you with points and save those points to get things you might actually use. It’s good for the environment. – Anything

This is a great site, and it’s just as its name implies. It’s a virtual garage sale that works through Facebook to connect you with local resale groups so you can get rid of the things you no longer want or need. You will input your information using the free app and automatically be connected to local sales so that you can list your items for what you’d like to sell them for and end up making a large profit in the process. It’s a great way to make a little extra money on the side and end up decluttering at a profit. That certainly makes spring cleaning seem more fun, doesn’t it? – Electronics

We live in a world in which electronics are a virtual way of life (get it, virtual?) and we all have plenty of them. The good news is that through this site, you can sell your unwanted, old and unused electronics for a nice price. Of course, the site prefers newer items, but you’d be surprised just how much you can net for a phone that’s a couple models old. Additionally, we know you have dozens of old phones just lying around. We all do. My husband and I are the only people in our home with cell phones (our kids are so not get phones at their age) and we average two or three new phones a year, each, so we have an abundance of unused iPhones just lying around. This will be a great site for us to try. – Anything

You’ve heard of Craigslist, and you know what it is. But the good news is that it is a site that is far better than eBay in that you’re not responsible for shipping items unless you want to be. Additionally, you can unload much larger items, such as furniture and large toys without the worry that you will have to find a way to load them up and ship them across the country. People are responsible for coming to pick up their own items. The key with Craigslist is to be safe. Do not allow people to come to your home if you are alone and do not reveal too many personal details about yourself to anyone on the internet. You do not want to make yourself vulnerable to strangers.

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