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Ultimate Decluttr Guide

If you haven’t heard of Decluttr yet, the simple explanation of it is that it’s an app which allows you to sell CDs, Games, DVDs, books, cell phones, Legos, Apple products and tablets. You know, all that stuff you have taking up space in your house that you don’t use anymore. With minimal amount of work, you can sell your stuff, but even more interestingly you can turn this into a home based business.

How To Use Decluttr

Using Decluttr is easy, just follow these steps…

  1. Download the Androidor iOS app. If you prefer to create more work for yourself, you can also create an account at and manually enter bar codes on the site.
  2. Once you open your Decluttr account, start scanning your product bar codes. You’ll get an instant offer for the product after you scan it and you can add it to your box.
  3. Print your free shipping label.
  4. Mail your box to Decluttr.
  5. You’ll receive your payment one day after they receive your box. You can elect to be paid by check, direct deposit, or donate the proceeds to charity.

Easy isn’t it? It took me all of 10 minutes to find $75 worth of unopened DVDs and video games that were Christmas presents a few years ago.

How To Turn Decluttr Into A Home Based Business

Here is where Decluttr gets interesting. If you’re someone that has a lot of hustle, you can make some easy cash by picking up cheap inventory and selling it on Decluttr. It will be hard at first, but the more you refine your process, the easier it will get and you can turn this into a decent paying gig or a nice side hustle to supplement your full-time job.

The selling to Decluttr is the easy part. Where you have to get creative is in finding cheap, or even free, inventory to sell them. Luckily for you, I’ve put together this list of places where you can find cheap things to sell.

Facebook Marketplace

Search Facebook Marketplace for items. You can also join private yard sale groups.

Craigslist Ads

Search Craiglist for things people are selling and giving away for free. Also, post your own ad stating that you will pick up things for free. Keep an eye out for non-technology related items that someone is getting rid of, such as clothes, because you could also take those and sell them on sites like

Yard Sales & Estate Sales

Go to yard and estate sales and haggle away. Scan items before making and offer, and make an offer for the entire lot of products you know you can sell at a rock bottom price. If someone is moving, the reason they are selling this stuff is because they don’t want to take it with them. They’d much rather sell items in bulk, than to haggle over 100 individual books or DVDs.

Ask Friends & Neighbors

Fire off an email to your friends and neighbors to see if anyone wants to get rid of their old video games, books, DVDs, etc. You’ll be doing them a favor by taking this stuff off their hands.


Join the local neighborhood social network and post your Craigslist ad in the classified section.

Rent Drop Off Bins

If you’re not really looking for a side hustle, and you’re really more of an entrepreneur, you could rent drop off bins. These bins will cost you around $1,000 each, and you’ll need a good location like a strip mall parking lot to place it. To keep overhead low, you could offer the property management company something like 1% of the profit generated from the bin instead of paying a rental fee.

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Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Decluttr


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