How You Can Make Money Selling Your Crafts on Etsy

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You’re talented, so why not open an Etsy shop online and make millions off your amazing creations? The thought is simple, the talent is there and your business plan (make something, earn millions) is stellar. If only it were so simple. The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of thousands of Etsy shops already in business and not all of them make money. You can’t just open and shop and expect success (though we do encourage that kind of positive thinking, so go for it) without working for it. It’s not just open and sell; it’s all about the marketing, the brand and the perception people have of your business. You have to price things correctly, market to the right people and make things happen to sell your things. And fortunately for you, we have a little bit of advice from the most successful businesses on Etsy that we are happy to share with you.

Treat it Like a Business

If you treat it like a fun project, you will have a fun project and not much else. You have to treat your shop like a real business. This means learning how to run a business, how to market your business and how to attract clients. It’s not just something you can do in your spare time. Like any business, if you want success, you have to earn it and work hard for it. We recommend you do some research on your trade, find success stories and take ideas from those already successful to implement in your own business.

Know Your Target Demographic

Do you want to sell hand painted signs with family names on them made of pallets? Great, it’s a wonderful business. However, you’re not marketing to teenagers. You are likely marketing to couples married with and without kids, older couples, parents, grandparents and homeowners. You need to remember that when marketing and targeting. Advertising your work on baby pages will only work if you are targeting people who want their children’s names on their nursery walls. You have to market to the audience, not to the general population.

Get a Good Camera

You’re never going to sell anything taking photos that look like an amateur took them. Get a good camera, learn to take photos. Learn how to pose your work, work the light and edit your photos so that they turn out looking amazing. Don’t ignore this; the best rule of thumb you will learn here to make the product look amazing so that people cannot help but want the product.

Let this video offer you some valuable advice:

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