A Few Ways You Can Get Paid to Grocery Shop

get paid to shop

Grocery shopping is a huge pain in the you-know-what, but we all have to eat. Something about it sustaining life and allowing us to live or something like that; ask most people and they’ll tell you eating makes them fat, causes them stress and requires time to cook. All in all, it does seem a bit overrated, right? Unfortunately, as overrated as good health and living might be, we still have to eat if we want to actually live, and that means making a few trips to the supermarket. If you’re like me, you spend entirely too much money there.

If you’re like everyone, you’d like to find a way to save money at the store. If you can’t find a way to save money, though, why not find a way to make money while you’re in the middle of buying the necessary supplies required to feed your family? We have a few ways you can do just that without much effort.

Buy Someone’s Groceries

Do you know someone who cannot make it to the store on their own, who needs a little help or someone who has four small kids and a full time career she runs from home who might pay you to shop for them? I mean, if someone offered to pick up what I need them to pick up at the store, I’d be happy to pay them to never have to shop again; seriously. Offer up your services and get a little money on the side. You’re going anyway, right?

Use a Cash Back Card

Do you have a card that allows you to earn cash back on your purchases? There are several cards out there that will pay you for everything you spend, and some offer a nice percentage of cash back on every dollar spent at the grocery store (mostly those with revolving categories). Either way, you’re getting paid to shop when you take the time to look at it.

Mystery Shop

You’ll have to put out the money at first, but you do get paid to mystery shop, which is not a bad thing. You’re already out, you’re already shopping and you are already in the market for a little bit of additional money, so make it work for you.

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