7 Ways To Earn Extra Income With Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone camera street photography review

Over the years, photographers have been able to find companies who were willing to buy their stock imagery. Over the past year or two, there have been companies who have been looking for photos taken by individuals with the camera on their Smartphones. Today, just about everyone owns a Smartphone, which means that anyone can make a little extra money using their phone to take a picture.

If you are planning on trying to make money selling your Smartphone pictures, you need to understand that these companies have thousands and thousands of pictures for sale. If you want to be successful, you would need to upload plenty of your own photos. You also need to take different types of pictures so that you will have something for every category in every niche.

If you are thinking about making some extra money this way, there are a few companies that you should check into.


This is a company who has an app on both iOS and Android. The company charges the people buying the photos $10 and $5 of that would go to you. With this company, payment is based on an approval process. Each time you upload an image to sell, you would need to rate the images uploaded by other members. If your photo is going to be accepted to put up for sale, you would need a certain number of positive ratings. If you want these ratings, you would need to pay it forward and approve other people’s photos as well.


This app is available on iOS and Android. It is similar to Instagram and they sell your photos through a partnership that they have with Getty Images. People love this app because of the filters that the app uses to enhance your photos. The selling feature on the app is relatively new and it is always changing for the better.


This app is only available on iOS. If you have an Android phone, you are out of luck. This app allows you to create a gallery of your best photos and you get 20 percent of the sale of each photo. The selling price is set by the company and it depends on the size of the photo. The minimum price for photos is $10, which means that you can earn $2 on each photo. If you upload enough photos to your gallery, you can easily make $200 each month.


This company says that it is the largest stock image agency in the world and their app is called Stockimo. Currently, it is only available on iOS. Most of the people who buy the photos on this site are magazines, newspapers, and major publishing houses. The majority of the photos that the company wants are those taken on Smartphones or tablets. You can use a real camera, however, these need to be uploaded to the website. In order for a photo to be accepted to sell, it goes through an approval process. According to the company, the average price of a photo is around $90, while some have sold for as much as $500. Regardless of how much the photo sold for, you would receive a flat fee of 20 percent of the selling price. If your photo sells, it is not deleted. It can be resold several times.


This is one of the most popular photo selling companies. The mobile app is called Clashot and it is available on both Android and iOS. This app allows you to upload as many photos as you like, however, not every photo is approved for sale. The good thing is that there aren’t many legal hoops to jump through to get your photo sold. As soon as ou upload your image, you can browse them right away. If the photos are not approved, however, they cannot be sold.


This company is different than the others as it is an assignment based company. The company will put out casting calls for certain types of photos that their clients need. You can take the photos that are listed in the assignments and then upload them. If your photo is approved, you would earn 5 credits. The credits that you earn can be cashed in for cash, prizes, or you can donate your earnings to charity. This app is available on both iOS and Android.


This is another company who offers work on an assignment basis. This company caters mostly to news outlets who are looking for very specific photographs. You would take the photo and upload it in the app. If the requesting outlet chooses yours, you would be paid. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Most people cannot make a full-time income using these photo selling sites, however, if you want to supplement your income and you love to take pictures with your phone, any of the above apps are a great place to start.

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