5 Ways to Earn a Few Dollars Right Now

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Sometimes life throws you a few curve balls and you find yourself unable to do something you might have wanted to do, or you find yourself a little strapped for cash for a few days. What if you could find a way to earn some money either right this second or in the next few hours? What if you could find a way to earn as much as $50 before tomorrow without doing anything illegal or going out of your way to do something that you don’t want to do? You’d do it, right? Even if you don’t need to earn more money, but you want to build up that emergency fund or just save more money this year, why not take advantage of these simple ways to make a few dollars right now?

Sign up for Fiverr.com

If you have a few minutes and some sort of talent, you can make $5 at a time doing very small, very odd jobs for other people. It’s not that difficult, and the more you do it the more you make. You can make a pretty significant income if you can put your mind to it, market yourself a bit and make it worth your while. Check it out.

Hit up the neighbors

We aren’t talking about stealing from them or begging for money, but we are talking about offering your services. Perhaps you’d like to mow that nice old lady’s lawn down the street for $20 per week or something to that effect. Perhaps you know a neighbor who is painting and willing to pay a few dollars for some help. Or maybe you are just good at odd jobs; make a card or a sign and start marketing yourself to the neighbors. I love this idea – because I’d love someone to come mow my lawn for only $20!

Offer your cleaning services

It’s not a big secret that there are a few people in the world who would love to have someone else come do their cleaning for them. We often pay the kids at church to come over and do our cleaning for us (think cleaning the baseboards and ceiling fans or even the garage) when they sell their services in an effort to raise money for their youth group to go on mission trips.

Clean out your closet

You can go into your closet and probably make a few dollars with items you no longer want by consigning them, selling them online or even just going out of your way to take them to a store in your neighborhood that buys used clothes to sell to college students.

Sell Old Electronics

Did you know there are places such as ReTech and other stores that will buy your old electronics from you in a matter of minutes? If you have an old iPhone or iPad, try selling it to them to see what it is worth. You’re not required if you’re not happy with the price, but it might be worth a visit.

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