10 Tips for Making Money as an Airbnb Host


Have you heard of Airbnb, yet? If not, you should really look into this as a way of saving money when you travel or making extra money when you’re home and not using your spaces. This amazing concept currently works for millions, and it’s only getting bigger. The simple concept is this; you rent out your home or a room in your home to travelers coming to your area. They pay you to stay there and you stay out of their way. It’s that simple. And what makes it even more amazing is that it’s really a great way to earn some extra money. It would be perfect in my house, since we have an upstairs secondary master suite with its own private balcony and bathroom, but we have four kids and we are not all that into strangers or socializing with people that aren’t our people. But the thought was really there. So how do you make real money as an Airbnb host? You have to know the answers to a few secrets, and you have to do a little bit of work to make it happen, but it’s not that difficult at all.

Be upfront

This is not the time to make like a Facebook status and only post the good parts of your life. Now is the time to be completely honest and upfront. You need to let potential renters know every single thing about your property, or things could get ugly.

Remember the connection

You are not a landlord. When you take the time to rent out a space to someone who is visiting you, you are opening your home to them and hosting them. Be friendly and kind, and don’t be too much into their business. This is a connection you’re making with other people, so you will need to remember that in the long run so that things work out smoothly and effectively for you all.

Speak your mind

If you feel that you need more information from a potential guest in your home, ask for it. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want so that you can check people out and find out whether or not they are going to be a good bet. For example, if you need to see a photo and don’t feel comfortable renting without seeing a photo, ask for one. Either you’ll get it or your won’t.

Use the system

You might try and exchange personal information with a potential guest, but Airbnb recommends against this very much. The site is able to offer you more protection when your communication is right there for them in the center. And do not exchange personal information until you have vetted guests and made sure that they are legit.

Look at the calendar

Making your home or room available in the middle of February in the coldest and most miserable time of the year in Minnesota is not going to do you many favors. But checking the calendar to make sure it’s an exciting time of the year, and there is something going on to make rooms in your area in high-demand is going to serve you well. For example, we live on the Gulf of Mexico in a small town very famous for scalloping. While we always have amazing weather here, it would serve us best and most profitable to rent our home during the opening weekend and first few weeks of scalloping season since people want to be on the water. If we had an oceanfront home with a dock, we’d make a killing since no one would have to trailer their boats to the dock and wait in the lines that get a bit more than ridiculous.

Just check the calendar and make sure that the timing is right.

Put your valuables away

This is not just the big ones, either, like your expensive computer or your diamonds. You need to make sure that things like your birth certificate and Social Security Cards and anything with your personal information on it is put away. This is a major one, since you don’t want to make a little money renting your home only to have your personal information taken from you.

Make as much available as possible

The fewer items a guest has to bring, the better. For example, your smaller home might be more appealing to more guests than a much larger one nearby because you provide sheets and towels, things that travelers do not have to pack. Be very clear about these things, and make sure you have a lot to offer.

Rent when you travel

There is something to be said about renting your entire home, too. If you travel a lot, this might be a better time for you to rent since you will not be home and many people love the idea of renting a home that their family can use for a while.


You don’t have to redecorate with an expensive budget to change the appearance of your entire house, but remember that the more attractive your home and décor, the bigger the chances of others wanting to rent from you. Remember this as you decorate and as you make purchases. Nice, newer items that are good-looking and stylish will go a long way if renting your home and making money are what you really want.

Keep it clean

You might think that this sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised. We are not just talking about keeping the floors mopped, either. You need to really get into the details when you rent a home. This means keeping things like your baseboards and ceiling fan blades clean and free of dust. It means keeping your cabinets and closets organized so that your guests feel that they are in a respectable home rather than a place that is not always taken care of by the owners. Remember this rule and you will be ahead of the game from the start.

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