10 Easy Ways to Get Free Money


A show of hands by anyone not interested in free money? I’m a firm believer in working for what you have (unless, of course, you are an heiress, you win the lottery or you can find free money somewhere that is not a handout for those who are simply too lazy to take care of their own business). But when you can find free money somewhere and it’s not being funded to you by someone else’s hard-earned wages and taxes, you should go for it. Many of us would love to have free money (all of us?) but we don’t know where to find it. I don’t even know where to find it for me, but I know where others can find it. Free money is money you get when you do very little to nothing to earn it, and that’s something that you should look into. We can tell you a few great ways to earn a little cash back in various places so that you can actually compile a nice little savings account. Most of these free money options are not at all large sums of money, but when you utilize as many as you can, you might be surprised just how much you can earn – and save.

Free money is out there, you just have to look for it. Fortunately for you, I can tell you just where to look. Disclaimer: These will not work for all people all the time, but each scenario will work for certain people – but you won’t know unless you try.

Shop with EBates.com

This is something that’s easier than you might think. All you have to do is sign up for an account with EBates and then begin your shopping. You will earn cash back on your purchases – the amount differs by company – and then claim a check or deposit from your earnings. It’s another nice way to earn money back when you shop. All you have to do is choose stores from the EBates site when you shop for your cash back to be deposited into your account.

$200 for Banking with Nationwide

Open a checking account with Nationwide and sign up for a direct deposit of at least $200 per month. This deposit must occur for at least 90 days and your first deposit must happen within the first 60 days of opening your account. You have to keep the account active for at least 90 days for your $200 bonus to be received.

Sign up for MySurvey.com

What is great about this survey site is that it allows you to earn money for surveys you are not even qualified to take. Many people do try to take surveys to make a living, and the funds are just not that great. You can’t earn money when you don’t qualify for most of the things that are offered. This site, however, pays you for anything you are not qualified for, too, and it gives you the option to make a bit of money on the site. Again, this is not a lot of money, but it is a great way to earn a little bit of cash back when you are doing something for just a few moments. And those dollars really do add up.

Do Tasks with InboxDollars.com

This is a site that allows you to participate in very quick surveys to earn money. It’s not a lot of money, and it might require a few moments of your time, but you can make some and add it to your collective growth of free money to see that pile just add up like you never thought possible in the past.

$185 Per Year for Downloading an App

All you have to do is download the app Media Research Panel and follow the instructions. You can do this on up to 3 devices and receive $5 per month for each. You also receive a $5 bonus after the third month of having this device downloaded on your devices. It’s free; do it.

Open a NetSpend Account

How about a free $20? It’s not much, but when you add it up with all the other bonuses and things in this list, it’s still free money that’s just adding up and adding up. Once the card arrives, you will activate it by adding $40 to the card. The $20 bonus will be added in immediately and you can transfer this balance to your bank account or get the funds at the ATM for a small fee.

Credit Card Offers

If you have excellent credit and good credit card usage skills, why not sign up for a credit card that offers great cash back incentives? You can use them to make a lot of money by paying your bills each month with these programs, and it will save you significantly.

Unclaimed Funds

You can check with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators to see if you are someone who has unclaimed funds you might not be aware of. There is a reported $4.1 billion in unclaimed assets in the US, and some of that money could be yours.

Paypal Debit Card

This is one of my favorites, and it allows me to earn ample cash back throughout the year. I’ve taken to using this card to pay my monthly expenses from my mortgage to my insurance to my supermarket trips to everything else. I get 1% cash back on all of it, which means a nice bit of cash back at the beginning of every month. If spend $3000 per month on this card, I get $30 cash back. That’s $360 free every year.

401K Matching Funds

Okay, so you’re not going to get this money today, right this second, but you’re going to get it. All you have to do is look into your employer’s 401k plans and see what’s available to you. If your employer matches, you could end up with free money for retirement that’s substantial.

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