10 Out of the Box Ways for Moms to Earn an Extra $500 a Month from Home


We’ve all heard of direct sales and ways that men and women are making a little extra cash around the house, but we don’t all have what it takes or the desire to be a Beachbody coach or a Jamberry representative (nor do we all even understand that stuff to begin with). But that’s all right; there are other ways that moms and dads and men and women can make an addition $500 per month that does not require blowing up everyone’s newsfeed with promises and annoying requests. Whether you’re looking to eventually quit your job and stay home or you’re already home and just want to have a little extra income for the fun things in life, you might want to consider just how you can do that. We have a few ideas that might sound a bit intriguing to you, and we hope that we can help you reach your dreams or just make a little bit of extra money each month at home.

Rent your driveway

Do you live in a large suburban area with minimal parking? If you have a driveway or a parking space at home in an area in which parking is at a prime, go ahead and rent out that space. Someone that lives nearby or that works nearby might be willing to spend big bucks to rent that space so that they can save time and money every day on their way to work or even home. This is simple, and there are many avenues you can take to make this concept work for you in your home to make a little additional cash on the side. It’s probably not for those in smaller suburbs, but city dwellers could do very well.

Rent a room

Do you have a spare room in your house? Or do you have a guest house or a pool house at home? Perhaps you are not comfortable with the idea of renting a room to someone inside your house, but on your property is a different story. Rent it to someone and make a few bucks a month doing so. You’re not using it, so why not earn from it?


There is a way you can earn money at home that doesn’t require you work hours you don’t see fit, and it allows you to earn what you think is necessary. Becoming a tutor will help you to help others, and make money in the process. You need not be good at every school subject, either. Perhaps you are an editor or a writer and can help a student taking a writing course or English; you could even proofread papers for a living. It’s a simple and kind of out-of-the-box idea for making a little additional money at home, which is precisely what you want to do.

Open a shop

You can sell anything you want in your shop, from things you find online to things you make yourself. It’s all up to you. You have the power to do this since you are the talented one, and we love that you can do what you want to do without worrying about working for someone else. Just find your talent or passion and put it to work for you in a way that will show up profitable and amazing.

Sell something

Do you have a particular talent? How about that adorable holiday wreath you made for fun from the tutorial you found on Pinterest last year? Was it something that turned out lovely? If so, why not make them and sell them online or in local shops? People like me love homemade décor like this but haven’t the time or patience to do it ourselves, and we will happily pay others to do it for us.

Thrift shop flip

Why not head to your nearest thrift shop, pick up things for next to nothing, fix them up and then sell them for a profit online? You can do this with yard sales, too. My husband has a coworker whose husband does this for fun with cheap electronics and makes a few thousand dollars a month doing this. It’s not a bad idea if you’re good at what you do and understand what to look for and how to sell it.

Perform simple tasks

Taskrabbit.com is a great way to do this. You can earn money doing very simple things, such as running someone to the airport or doctor, picking up groceries for someone or creating lesson plans for teachers. What’s available near you might vary greatly, but it’s a wonderful concept for anyone looking to make a bit of additional money.

Start a business

Why not do just this? Do you live in a neighborhood in which many moms are home with small kids or elderly persons are home without the ability to do much for themselves? Why not offer your services to go to the store for them, pick up their prescriptions or groceries or something of that nature? This will give moms a chance to have their work done for them while they are home with a napping baby, and elderly people are usually always happy to pay for convenience.


If you have a passion for your city or town, you could check out this site. You set your rates and show people a good time, and it’s all worth it. You get to have fun, and you get to make money in the process. Just make sure your rates are high enough to cover the 15% that Vayable charges for their commission.

Make cakes

All you have to do is take a baking and cake decorating class; it’s so easy and so much fun. That will provide you with the skill you need to make cakes, which you can then sell for a profit. A little at-home bakery in which you make birthday, wedding and gender reveal cakes and cupcakes would generate a bit of additional income that would make life more enjoyable for you.

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