How To Host A Cookout On A Budget

You love to entertain in the summer but the constraints of today’s economy have put a damper on that.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can still entertain and not blow your budget; try hosting a cookout.

One of the most loved ways to entertain in the summer is to have a cookout.  What’s not to love?  You are outside in the beautiful sunshine and most importantly, so is the mess.

The key to hosting a cookout on a budget is to keep it simple.  Don’t worry about impressing your guests with steaks and bakery deserts, which charge you more than double the price of the ingredients.

Most people enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs and with summer sales, chances are you can catch both on sale.  It is best to buy both in bulk to put in your freezer until it is time for your cookout.  Keep desert choices basic as well; a sliced watermelon and freshly made brownies are both economical choices that are popular.  Make lemonade and iced tea rather than serving soda.  Want a classy southern touch?  Pour glasses of each into mason jars and cap with a lid then chill in tubs of ice.  Your guests will be impressed by the special touch.

It is a given at any cookout that paper plates and napkins are the norm, which saves on the need for expensive dinnerware.    If you can’t bring yourself to use paper plates and napkins, don’t grow frustrated.  You can find many choices in outdoor dinnerware at most dollar stores.  For mere dollars you can have a complete setting for each guest in bright, colorful designs.  As far as napkins go, a trip to the local fabric store can easily help you.  Buy material in a print you like that corresponds with your dinnerware. Cut material in napkin sized squares.  The choice to hem or not is yours.  Fold them in your preferred napkin shape and you are all set.

Your guests will enjoy your cookout and never miss the saved dollars.


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