Hidden Costs of Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is something that most of us do pretty regularly, but we don’t consider the hidden costs associated with a new car. Selling your old car is a good option if you want to get money for a new one. If you do not want to go through all of the hassles of going through all of the paperwork and negotiations with dealerships, you can get Sydney cash for cars at Austick Car Removal. You can also trade in your old cars when the warranty ends. For whatever reason, most people know the ins and outs of buying a new car. However, not everyone knows this. For example, there are a few things we all learn along the way, including the hidden costs associated with a vehicle. Here are three hidden costs you should consider before you drive your dream car off the lot.

Routine Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest life lessons I learned about hidden costs in a new car was recently. After leasing for many, many, many years, my husband and I decided we liked the idea of simplifying life by getting rid of car payments by paying cash. What we didn’t consider is the fact that with all of our leases, our regular maintenance, such as oil changes and auto glass repair, were included in the price of the lease. Additionally, bring your car to an auto repair shop for car maintenance services like exhaust repair should also be prioritized  to keep the vehicle working efficiently.

Imagine our shock when I reached the mileage on my car that ended my free oil changes and I was charged $130 for an oil change when I thought they were pretty standard at $30ish. Of course, it all depends on the type of vehicle you buy, and very few require you pay this much for an oil change, but it still teaches a valuable lesson; know what your new car will cost to maintain before you buy it. Consult professionals like Bimmer Performance Center to know how much maintenance would cost.

Insurance Costs

Insurance fluctuates depending on many factors; your age, gender and driving history are just a few. It also fluctuates depending on your vehicle; and it might surprise you which vehicles are more expensive to insure. You’d think my husband’s two seater convertible would be a more expensive car to insure than my family sedan – it is not. Don’t make assumptions; call your agent and ask for a breakdown of how much your insurance is going to go up or down before you make your purchase.

Major Repair Costs

Yet another hidden cost is repair costs. You should know what you’re getting into before you buy a vehicle. For example, if your vehicle doesn’t start and you’re unable to troubleshoot on your own, you may have to seek professional Vehicle Starter Repair service. Recently, I noticed that my check engine light came on and it was a result of the fact that the exhaust was receiving too much gas (or something like that…it was a few months ago and I really just sort of pushed that onto my husband since I’m pregnant and constantly sick). In short, the repair on my car that was completed in less than a few hours time cost us $1170. On a different car, the cost would have been less than $500. Ask about repairs before you buy a car. When exploring your options, take a look at these used cars for sale in Cars4Us in ACT and be sure to inquire about the repair history to make a more informed decision.


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