Healthy Habits That Improve Your Life and Your Finances

saving money and your health

Part of what we love to do here is help you with your financial life; whether it’s saving money on amazing deals, budgeting or just providing you with simple, informative financial advice. We tell you about new credit cards, about deals, about special savings and we tell you how you can save money doing everyday things. We sometimes throw in a few healthy life lessons, and sometimes that’s what we love the most. I love advice that helps me in more than just one aspect of my life; I like my advice to multi-task, if you will. Good health is important to me, as is financial freedom. It’s come to my attention recently that several of my healthiest habits are also some of my biggest money-saving habits. Ready to hear something that might just change your life?

Meatless Monday

We love meat in our house; so long as it is chicken, filet mignon or fresh seafood. However, Monday’s are meatless in the Raiford household for various reasons. One, we’re too tired from the weekend to really bother cooking anything involved. Two, I always forget to take meat out of the fridge. Three, it actually saves us money to just have a big, beautiful salad on Monday nights. It’s good for our bodies and our bank account.

Play with the Kids Outside

This is a health habit and a money-saving habit we didn’t even realize we’d employed. We have a trampoline with a big amazing cage around it. It’s fancy; and the kids love it. Now that the sun is up later than it was in the past few months, we make sure we take the kids outside every evening to jump and play on the trampoline for a while. If we’re not doing that, we’re walking, playing baseball in the yard or having races. It’s amazing exercise, it’s amazing parenting, and we aren’t paying an exorbitant gym fee.

No Drinking During the Week

Okay, so this is not something I’m good at; but my husband is great at it. He cannot sleep well if he has even one glass of wine. So while he gives up wine and cocktails during the week, I still have mine in the evenings. However, he’s less exhausted, he’s healthier, he’s more alert and we spend far less on vino when we aren’t sharing a bottle a night. My two glasses and his two glasses equal a bottle. Now we save 2 or 3 bottles a week.

Sunscreen, Always

Living in Florida, you don’t get a real choice when it comes to sunscreen. You wear it, and you love it. Every single day; we wear it because we have so much sun and so much danger present in our everyday lives. If you’re not wearing sunscreen, you’re not saving money on future cancer issues and future skin issues (and probably Botox fees, one day).

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