Four Things You Should Always Buy Used

There was a time in my life when the idea of purchasing something used would make me feel disgusted. I never bought used cars because I didn’t want anyone’s hand-me-downs, especially when it came to something so important and expensive. I wanted to know how my cars were treated from the moment they entered the world. I would never buy anything used; my feeling was always that I could easily afford to purchase everything new, so why buy used? However, financial experts agree that there are certain things you should always buy used, because it is the smartest financial decision you can make.


According to experts, you should always buy used vehicles because they depreciate so much as they drive off the lot. Buying a car a model year or two old will help you to save thousands of dollars and still get the car of your dreams.

Exercise Equipment

Everyone wants to look good, but most people don’t bother to keep up with their exercise routine. For this reason, you should always buy your exercise equipment, such as treadmills and weight machines, used. You will save thousands of dollars and it won’t be such waste of money if you decide you hate exercising after a few weeks.


Many people want to get out of paying their annual maintenance fees, and it’s causing them to sell their timeshare properties for a ridiculously inexpensive price. Some are as low as $1. While you will have to pay the fees each year, these timeshares will be worth it when you spent next to nothing on them, rather than thousands of dollars.


Most people need tools, but don’t use them much. Because of this, it doesn’t make much sense to buy them new at such expensive prices when you can buy them used at yard sales and online for a few dollars and use them when needed.


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