Five Ways That Money Does NOT Buy You Happiness


It seems that in today’s economy people are writing more and more articles about money and always asking the age old question “does it buy happiness?” And most of these articles are focusing on how money doesn’t buy happiness. I happen to agree with this sentiment for the most part. Actually I did write an article about how money does buy happiness but if you read it you’ll notice that all of the examples have to do with actual activities that improve your mental well being, so if not for the money spent you wouldn’t be a better person.

And that’s the heart of it all.  Money can help bring you to a happier state but in and of itself never brings happiness.  And since today I want to talk about the perils of money, here are five ways (reasons) that money does not buy you happiness….

Making More Money Equals More Problems

Granted most of these problems are “fun” problems and you should be aware of how lucky you are to have these problems, they are still problems nonetheless.  While you think the person having the $100K birthday party for their 1 year is happy, you can bet they’re stressing about the decorations.  Or how about all the maintenance to your $10 Million mansion? Granted.  Like I said these are more of the fun type of problems, but they are still problems nonetheless.  Hey look at Tony Montana in Scarface!  It got him killed right?

It Makes You Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

As Lou says in the movie Wall Street to Bud Fox, “the thing about money Bud, is that it makes you do things you don’t wanna do.”  Particularly here in America where capitalism is so touted and being wealthy is such a status symbol, the stigma itself of money has tremendous power. Mentally people can’t grasp or accept not having enough money.  From the richest of the rich committing white collar crimes to people stealing three bucks off someone on the street, money will make you do things you never thought you’d do if you never had or needed money in the first place.

Lavish Purchases are only Short Term Perks

You can buy all the Ferrari’s in the world.  You can decorate your house with gold paint, happy pictures, and get a massage therapist, but ultimately purchasing lavish gifts has a temporary effect. Granted some things last more than others, but eventually like anything else, you get used to such luxuries and your craving will only grow, not to mention your tolerance level will heighten.  Then by some chance if these luxuries are taken away you’ll be more miserable than if you never had them at all.

It Creates False Expectations from People

Another bad thing about money is that if people know you have it you’re all of a sudden treated differently.  There are certain statuses that come with having money or not having money.  You may not realize it but if you look real hard you’ll notice some people depend on you more for money, look for you to pay for things, etc etc.  Hell just look at athletes and their entourages.  That’s an extreme example but you know what I mean.

Changes You never Expected – It Can Turn you Into a Bad Person

And lastly, money can make you a meaner, snottier person.  All of a sudden you’re making all this dough and you turn out to become a real pomp about it.  Not saying it happens to everyone but it certainly can happen. You’re not nearly as thankful about it as you should be.  We should all be thankful if we’re paying our bills and have our health.  Easier said than done but still the truth.


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