Find Financial Success With These Three Simple Tips

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The thing about financial success is that what works for some does not work for others. Some people cannot set aside a certain amount of money every month or whenever like others. Some people cannot live with the envelope system no matter how much it works for others. Some cannot find a way to save an emergency fund no matter how hard they try. It makes financial planning a bit of a disaster for so many people. However, there are a few basic financial tips that seem to make it easier for most people to make good financial decisions. Since financial success does depend on the good financial decisions you make, we thought we might share these very simple tips with you.

Leave your credit card at home

Listen; we love this idea. Don’t even take it with you. You don’t even need to take it with you. Leave the credit card at home at all times and never take it. This not only helps you avoid using it, it helps you avoid debt. You don’t have it on you, you cannot make purchases you cannot afford otherwise. See who that works?

Pay yourself

I love this idea, and it’s one we live by religiously. Pay yourself before you pay anyone else. You are an investment, so pay yourself first. What’s left is used to pay your expenses and your other life issues, but you have to pay yourself before you pay anyone else. If that means you cannot buy coffee for a week, well, that’s life.

Always check your finances

I fail pretty regularly at this one. I will go weeks, sometimes as long as a month without writing down receipts and deposits in our bank account. My husband hates that, and he recently took over that job for us and I am so appreciative of that. The point is that the better you are with your money, the better you are with your money. Staying on top of it helps you avoid spending too much and making poor financial decisions. What more do you want in life?

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