Financial Infidelity: How it Hurts Your Relationships

financial infidelity

If there is one thing I like to joke about, it’s that I never tell my husband how much things cost. It’s a woman thing, “What? These old shoes in perfect condition with not even one mark on the bottom ever? I’ve had them forever,” we like to joke. Do some women do this for real? Yes. Do I? No. I might tell my husband I love his new haircut or that no, he doesn’t look like he put on any weight over the holidays, but I will not lie to him about finances. That’s a partnership; a team effort. He might not love how much I spend on one pair of shoes, but I wouldn’t do it if he were against it; and neither would he. Our money is our money. It’s not his or mine; it’s ours.

Financial infidelity is real; and it’s bad. It’s something that you cannot do. When you lie to your partner about money, it’s never going to end well. Since the vast majority of marriages end because of money-related stress, why even put yourself in that situation in the first place? The point is this; money is a big deal and it does matter. Lying to your spouse about it shows a great lack of respect, care and even love; all of great importance to any marriage.

The deal is this; you have to communicate about your finances if you want to have a good financial relationship and a good marriage. When you lie about things like this, you do yourselves no favors. Being open and honest about money can have a positive effect on your savings, your spending and your happiness. If you feel the need to lie about your money, there could be other issues in question. Being financially open is the only way you will ever be truly happy; and the only way you will ever be truly financially free.

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