Financial Fibs That Are Okay

Your parents taught you it’s impolite to lie, and you likely teach them the same thing. However, sometimes dishonesty is the best policy; especially when it comes to your money. Unfortunately, if you and your husband have a joint bank account it gets a little difficult to keep your money habits under wraps. While you should be completely honest regarding your spending habits and money matters during marriage, there are just a few times it’s perfectly okay to fib a little about your finances and not feel guilty doing so.  It’s okay to tell these financial fibs.


When you head to the bank and withdraw a couple grand to pay for the completely fabulous vacation you want to surprise him with for his birthday in a few weeks, go ahead and lie about it. Tell him you loaned the money to a friend, who is paying you back immediately. Tell him you went crazy at the shoe store, or paid off a debt you incurred. It doesn’t matter what you say, just that you keep the truth from him so he won’t find out about his fabulous surprise.

You Come Into a Little Extra

If your finances are up to par and your boss sends you a little something for a job well done, or your great grandma sends you a birthday check, it’s totally cool to blow it on a new pair of shoes he would absolutely not approve of in terms of the price tag. Just tell him they’re old and you’ve had them forever.

Your Own Cash

Even if you have a joint account you might designate an amount for each other to spend on things throughout the week. He does not need to know you don’t use yours to pay for lunch every day, but to get a pedicure every week instead.


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