Falling Gas Prices Mean Falling Prices on Other Items, Too

gas prices falling

If you’ve spent any time near a gas pump recently, you know that gas prices are lower than they’ve been in, well, a really long time. Right now we are paying less than half of what we were paying just a few years ago to fill up our tanks, and our wallets feel the relief (especially when I fill up my monster SUV). The price at the pump is enough to make us all smile, but what would you do if we told you that there are a few other reasons to smile now that gas prices are marginally reasonable once again? These falling oil prices are bringing the cost of gas down, but it’s also bringing down the cost of several other things, too.

Fresh Food

My twins and I are blueberry-aholics. We all love them and eat them every single day. Even when they came in a package that was only big enough to give each of us enough to put on top of our yogurt and still cost $6. Now we’re buying two package for $5 and each package is three times the size of the $6 individual package. Farmers are paying less to ship their produce and goods, and that price reflects in our prices. If you’re also a farmer and looking forward to increase your income, then you may have a peek at this pm kisan beneficiary status article for great help!


On a recent purchase I made from one of my favorite department stores, I noticed that shipping was much less than it typically is for an overnight purchase. Why? Because gas prices are lower so they can ship lower.


When my husband and I and our best friends decided to spend our annual weekend-after-Valentines-Day getaway in Chicago this year (the husbands are huge Miami Dolphin fans so we spend every year in a new city that weekend eating at a different Shula’s Steakhouse), I was surprised to find that our airline tickets were around $80 per person round trip. It was an amazing deal, and just one more example of how falling oil prices are affecting us in every aspect of our lives.

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