Easy Ways to Save More Money and Reach Financial Independence

Who doesn’t wish they could save more? Even if you’re saving a significant amount of money each month, you still want to save more. It’s a mental thing that affects your mind; you have plenty saved but you want more. You can never be too safe or too prepared for the uncertainties of the future. If you’re not saving anything, this can be a worrisome thought. Here are a few simple tips to help you save a big more.

Create a Meal Plan

Howe often do most of us blindly head to the supermarket without any idea what we need to eat this week, just that it’s time to shop because the pantry is looking lonely? That would be a lot of us. What this does is mean we have a ton to eat when we get home and nothing to eat the rest of the week. We forget this to make this and that to make that. Then we have to go back to the store and we end up spending another $50 on stuff instead of $2 on the forgotten eggs. Make a list in advance of what you’re eating each night this week, including ingredients and check to see what you do have and what you need. Make your list like this and you won’t have to go back to the store all week. You’ll save a ton by not making subsequent trips on which you waste a lot more money.

Wait 24 Hours

So you really want that new sweater or those ballet flats; but don’t hit the purchase button just yet. Give yourself 24 hours to think about whether or not you really want this item. If you can’t imagine your life without it after 24 hours, buy it. If you find that it’s not really something you want or need and that you’ll be fine without it – don’t buy it.

Save Your Savings

Yes, it’s awesome when you get something on sale. Try this from now on; instead of taking your savings and spending it on other items, save it. Go home, check out your receipt and take the amount you saved and place it immediately in your savings account. It’s simple, effective and will make your savings account very happy.

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