Why You Need To Discuss Financial Goals With Your Partner

Many times, we just go through life with our partner without taking the time to discuss our financial goals with them.  We focus on the day to day and living paycheck to paycheck although what we really want is to have an entirely different financial system.

The fact is you will never reach your financial goals if you don’t sit down and discuss them with your partner.  You don’t know what they want and they don’t know what you want when it comes to finances.  You might think you know what financial goals they have by their spending habits and opinions about money but you also might find out that you are wrong when you sit down and actually talk about it.

Ask your partner if they would sit down and discuss this subject with you.  Wait until your children are asleep or busy with an activity before you attempt it.  We all know that being interrupted when in a serious discussion by your children is not the right formula for a successful discussion.

Ask you partner what their financial goals and dreams are.  Remember that there aren’t any wrong answers in this discussion.  It is just a talk to help get you on the same page with one another.  You may find out that their dream of retirement is to own a beach house and invest in real estate while you are thinking more along the lines of traditional types of investment.

After you both have shared the financial goals you have, try to reach a point where you can be in agreement.  It doesn’t mean either of you are wrong or can’t follow your goals but that you may need to tweak them a bit so that they are in line with each others.  Maybe you can invest half of your money in traditional methods and the other half in real estate.    Them important thing is that you have financial goals as a couple and are working toward them together.

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