Is Credit Karma A Scam?

credit karma scam

Credit score is very important for many things in this day and age, as you need it to purchase a car, to buy and finance a home and even to open your own business. In fact, it’s one of the most important components of a consumer’s financial profile. It’s important to know your credit history as well as credit score to see what you are doing right/wrong. You can check your credit score online, however, you need to be careful as there are many credit score scams running rampant online – ones that will pretend to be legitimate, then use your information against you as phishing scams. One website that you can guarantee to be straight to the point when checking out your credit score and credit report is Credit Karma.

Since 2008, Credit Karma has been providing us with free credit scores credit reports and credit monitoring from a national credit bureau, TransUnion. At Credit Karma, you can get a 100% free credit score, with no requirement to give out your credit card number. Aside from free credit reports and scores, it also offers financial account monitoring, which allows the consumers to track credit card, banking, loans transactions and balance. Again, it’s super free and and offers all these great things.

So, just how safe and secure is this site than the others? In 2014, Credit Karma had to settle charges from the FTC related to a security glitch on the website’s apps, which put consumers’ information at risk, the FTC had alleged. With the settlement, Credit Karma had to agree to address security risks as well as go through regular security checks to ensure maximum safety. According to their official statement regarding the settlement, no one has yet reported the loss of sensitive data as a result of the security issue. Other than that, it’s been pretty safe and secure overall.

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