Three Reasons You Should Apply for the State Farm Credit Card


State Farm offers more to customers than just low cost auto, home and life insurance policies. The company also offers a myriad of credit cards from which you can choose when it’s time to choose a major card to have in your wallet. If you’re one of the people who don’t believe that having a credit card is a good idea, you should know that it’s actually a great idea. Just because other people use their cards to get into deep debt and live a life that’s filled with financial worry doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with credit cards; it’s what’s wrong with the people who use them.

There are many reasons you should apply for the State Farm credit card, and they’re very good reasons. A credit card is something you should have for emergencies and for travel purposes. It’s secure so that you can purchase tickets or book hotels online and not have to worry about fraud as you’re protected, it’s good to use for online purchases and it’s something you might need for several reasons – such as booking a rental car. You can pay it off in full each month – as you should – and never worry about debt.

Big Time Rewards

When you apply for a card from State Farm and use it to make your insurance premium payments, you will earn up to 3% in State Farm Dollars. You will also earn 1% State Farm dollars on purchases you make anywhere else. When it’s time to redeem these, the rewards are impressive. You can redeem them toward any of your State Farm accounts, which is very financially valuable.

Rental Car Insurance

When renting a vehicle with this card, you will see that it’s easy to save. You will not have to pay for the additional insurance to cover the cost of rental insurance since this card covers you without paying any additional fees. It’s a great benefit for frequent renters and travelers.

Fraud Protection

You are not liable for any purchases made on this credit card if you report it stolen. Your account is covered by State Farm and you do not become a victim of theft. This kind of liability freedom is a big deal for people who experience situations such as these.

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