Five Car Brand Credit Cards That Might Be Worth Having


It’s a moment of truth for all credit cardholders; what makes you choose one credit card over another? If we are honest, it’s probably the rewards that your card issues more so than anything else. While it should be the interest rate and the savings the card offers, most people are going to choose a card with amazing rewards and a slightly higher rate than a card with so-so rewards and a slightly lower rate. And we can’t say for certain that most people even bother with interests rates since so many consumers know that the smart way to shop with credit is to pay that bill off in full each month; making interest rates virtually obsolete.

Now let’s have another moment of truth; how many of you knew that your favorite automobile manufacturers made credit cards? Our guess is that the numbers are a little smaller than people might think. You might see a lot of card commercials, but it doesn’t really appear that many of them have car brands attached to them (not that anyone ever watches commercials anymore thank you very much TiVo). It’s true, though, that many vehicle manufacturers do create their own credit cards. You may or may not have any interest in having one, but the points and rewards on these cards are good for the purchase of a new car in a few years, so it might be worth looking into. If you’re going to consider a car credit card, we recommend taking a closer look at each of these.

GM Flexible Earnings Card

Who doesn’t love a credit card that doesn’t issue an annual fee? It’s like being a cardholder free of charge. With this car credit card, you’re getting 5% earnings on your first $5000 in purchases, and you’re getting special savings and offers throughout the year. Once you’ve maxed out your 5% earnings ratio, you will be happy to know you’ll still receive 2% anywhere you find a reason to spend money. These points and earnings are then redeemable on the purchase of any new GM Product, such as a new Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC vehicle. By redeeming points, you will get a dollar amount discount on any new car of your choice, and it’s an instant savings that doesn’t require any negotiating or dealing. That’s nice when it comes to shopping for a new vehicle.

Lexus Pursuits Visa

The good news about this card is that you will receive 1.5 points for every dollar you spend, and you have no annual spending limits. The bad news is that this is a Visa Signature. If you’re not familiar with that, you should know that this is a card that does not come with any spending limits each month. You can spend all you want and Visa will make the decision to approve or deny your purchase as you make it. It’s a pretty scary thing for someone who isn’t sure how much they’ve already spent, how much they need to spend or who is standing in a line full of people and suddenly informed their card purchase has been denied. Of course, the better your credit and the more you pay each month, the less likely you are to be declined when making purchases. To use these points, you have the option of using them when you need service at any Lexus dealership or toward the purchase of a new car at any Lexus dealership. You can also use this card to book travel through Visa, which is a nice bonus.

Ford Credit Card

This card is something you’ll either love or hate if you drive a Ford. You cannot use it anywhere because it is a service credit card. This means that you have to use the card at Ford when you need new tires, service or other items to purchase from the dealer. The points you earn with this card can then be used to buy a new Ford at a discounted price. You also get a free $25 mail-in rebate back when you spend $250 on this card, and that’s every time you spend that amount with this card. Some people love it because it can’t be used to abuse credit, and others dislike it because they prefer to have cards they can use anywhere, anytime.

BMW Credit Card

The BMW card comes in three different levels, and each one offers more perks than the others. However, they all offer basic perks such as points earned for every dollar spent on the card. Cardholders get more points per dollar when they shop at BMW, but they also get points when they shop anywhere else. These points can be redeemed by calling BMW and asking for special redemption offers such as a discount on a new car, on service and even on other BMW rewards. This is a great card for customers of BMW who want a high-end card to go along with their high-end car, as this only means that drivers will get more for their money.

Toyota Rewards Visa

Toyota loves their rewards Visa, because they feel that everything you purchase should be turned into a reward. Each time you purchase groceries or gas or new school clothes for the children, you earn a point for every dollar you spend. When you spend money at Toyota, whether it’s on new window tint, a new set of floor mats or an oil change, you will earn 5 points for every $1 you spent in the dealership. These points add up quickly and when it’s time to purchase a new car, you will be very happy to redeem them. They can be redeemed for a rebate on your new Toyota that will make it much more affordable. What makes this card better than some of the other car cards is the fact that you can use it anywhere, and that it has some serious point rewards associated with Toyota purchases. That makes it a favorable card for those who are loyal to the manufacturer.

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