What You’ll Get with the Expedia Credit Card


Citi is now offering two different Expedia+ credit cards to consumers, and many people are questioning which one is the best. Sure, the Expedia+ Voyager card comes with additional bonus points and more rewards, but you have to spend more on it and the restrictions are a little bit more stringent. The Other Expedia+ card requires you to spend less to receive your bonus points, but you receive fewer bonus points. Some people would assume the first card is the better card, and they’re probably right. But that doesn’t mean the latter is not a good card for people who want the Expedia+ card but do not want to spend the extra money just for bonus points and whatnot. We have a few reasons we think the Expedia+ card is a great card, even if you will get a little more for a little more money with the Voyager. Read on to find out why the regular Expedia+ card is just fine for those who want to apply for it.

15,000 Bonus Points

You get 15,000 bonus points for having this card. All you have to do is spend $1000 in three months. That’s much better than the $2000 you have to spend on the Voyager. These points can be redeemed right away or saved up to redeem later. They’re worth about $200 in goods and services, which is quite impressive.

Extra Points

When you spend money on anything purchased through Expedia, you will receive 3 points for every $1 you spend on this card. These points add up fast, and you will get to redeem them for travel and rewards at different hotels and on different airlines. Every other purchase is worth 1 point per $1 spent.

Automatic Silver Status

This is a good status to have, because it means more promotional awards. However, each time you spend $2500 on this card in one calendar year, you will receive a free night at a hotel of your choice. As long as you pay off your card each month, you can do this quickly and earn several free nights per year for purchases you were making anyway.

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Citi


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