What’s the Hype with the Chevron Texaco Credit Card Fuel Perks?


The Chevron and Texaco credit card is among the top choices for gas cards on the market. The fuel perks are impressive and the savings are quite large. When you make the decision to apply for a gas card, you make a smart decision. This card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, and it saves a significant amount of money at the pump. Even with gas less expensive than it has been in years, it’s still a nice thought and a nice feeling when you see big savings at the pump. It almost makes driving worth it again. However, when you choose to apply for this particular credit card, understand that you will receive a myriad of other perks and benefits, too. It’s not just about the gas. Well, it is just about the gas. However, we bargain to say that you will find the bonuses that come with card membership worth it if you venture to apply.

2 Months Fuel Perks

Every gallon of gas you pump during the first two months you have this card is going to be $.10 less expensive. Every single gallon will see this credit on your statement, saving you a significant amount of money on your gas bills. And if you get a card for everyone in your household, the savings will add up even more.

Monthly Fuel Perks

The card offers you the opportunity to save $.10 once your introductory offer is over by making $300 per month in qualifying purchases. These purchases are subject to change, so always check your account to see which purchases will allow you to qualify you for this per gallon savings each month.

Bigger Monthly Fuel Perks

Depending on how you like to shop, spending $1000 per month on this card will allow you even bigger savings than you ever imagined. What do we mean? We mean that you will see $.20 per gallon savings on your card each month if you spend this much in 30 days.

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