Using a Shell Credit Card at the Pump Can Save Big Bucks on Fuel Purchases


Gas is, hands down, one of the most expensive purchases people make these days. Even though gas is cheaper now than it has been in years, it’s still an expensive purchase that makes people cringe. No one is happy to go to the pump anymore, but it’s still one of those things you have to do no matter how much you dread doing it. Fortunately, companies all over the country are working to provide drivers with a more affordable solution to their gas needs, and that often comes in a discount at the pump.

Supermarkets offer savings that are reflected on their rewards cards so that you can save when you pay at the pump. Gas stations now offer their customers are chance to save a few cents on the gallon when they pay in cash rather than with credit cards or debit cards, and Shell is offering customers who apply for the Shell credit card a way to save money on their purchases at the pump with some of the best benefits any gas card has to offer.

Shell Drive for Five

This is a card that allows you to save $.05 on each gallon of gas you purchase at the pump. All you have to do with this Shell card is purchase a minimum of 45 gallons of gas each month (which is 2-3 fill-ups for most drivers) and you’ll automatically get a discount of $.05 on each gallon of gas you pump. This is good up to 100 gallons. After that, however, the discounts stop for the rest of the month.

Platinum Mastercard

This card can be used anywhere and the more you spend, the more you save. For example, spend $500 to $999.99 per month on your card and your statement will reflect a $.10 per gallon savings on up to 100 gallons of gas each month. Spend more and earn more credits – as much as $.20 per gallon on your gas. This is a huge savings, especially for those who pump a lot of gas. It really adds up over time.

Shell Saver Card

This is the option available to those who do not qualify or do not want a traditional credit card. It’s linked to your checking account and works like a debit card, enabling you to save at the pump each time you buy gas. You’ll get a $.02 discount on each gallon you pump throughout the month, which does add up over the course of the year.

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