Your Toys R Us Credit Card is Just One Way to Save on Toys

Toys R Us

Toys R Us is the place where you can be a kid again, or at least shop for them. The famous toy store is one of the hottest shopping destinations this time of year when you have something you need to purchase for a child. This store has all the hottest toys, some you’ve never heard of, and things you didn’t even know existed. It’s truly the toy store of all toy stores. And one of the things Toys R Us does during the holidays is introduce its layaway program, where shoppers can go pick out things they’d like to purchase and put them on hold while they make small payments.

Toys are expensive, and many families feel the financial strain this time of year. The Toys R Us layaway program is not a coupon program, but an alternative for those who want to purchase toys but can’t afford to do it at the moment. A small down payment and small payments throughout the timeframe of the layaway purchase is all it takes to pay off the balance and take home your toys to wrap so they’re under the tree on Christmas morning. While it’s not ideal to shop this way, it’s necessary for so many people. It’s a great program for those who want to provide their families with Christmas without going into debt to do so.

In one Massachusetts Toys R Us on Wednesday, one woman changed the lives of many locals. Store employees say that a woman walked into the layaway department and said she wanted to pay of someone’s layaway. It happens from time to time, and it’s such a generous gift to others. Those who are using the layaway program are most often the people who need an angel the most, and this unidentified woman wanted to pay off someone’s layaway. But what makes this Bellingham woman special is the fact that she did not just pay off one layaway or a few; she paid $20,000 to pay off every single layaway purchase in the store. Everyone who bought toys here is now able to pick them up without putting anything else out of their own pockets, which is a gift that is likely appreciated by all. One woman chose toys weeks ago for her child and has been working extra shifts to afford the payments on her account. Now she can drop those shifts and spend quality time with her child around the holidays, which is far more important.

The generosity of this woman is paramount. There are very few people like her in the world, and the term angel is probably not strong enough to describe her in the opinions of the people whose accounts she paid off. And kudos to her for staying unidentified.

Toys R Us is a great place to shop for toys for kids, but they are expensive. It’s not the store’s fault; toys are not cheap. If you want to buy something here this holiday season, you’re going to want to try and save. The store offers a number of sales throughout the season, and they also offer a number of coupons online and in various other places, which is just another reason we love Toys R Us so much. We’ve come up with a quick list of easy ways you can shop for toys without blowing your budget, which includes using your Toys R Us credit card (responsibly).

Apply for the Toys R Us Credit Card

The Toys R Us credit card is one of the many perks you get shopping at this store. This is a credit card that offers a number of perks and bonuses anytime you make a purchase at any Toys R Us or Babies R Us location. Each time you make a purchase with your Toys R Us credit card, you get a point for every dollar spent. Each time your credit card points reach more than 125, you get a $5 coupon from Toys R Us to use on your next purchase. Additionally, when you are approved for a Toys R Us credit card, you will be able to choose between two different savings plans. You can take 15% off your purchase or you can choose whatever special financing offer is available at the moment. Special financing only saves you money, however, if you pay it off within the allotted timeframe. Otherwise, you will accrue interest and spend more than you save.

Shop BOGO Sales

On many occasions throughout the month Toys R Us offers a selection of buy one get one sales. This might be a selection of certain toys (dolls, trucks, etc) or certain brands (Barbie, Disney, etc). This sale might also be a buy one get one 50% off sale rather than a get one free sale, but that’s still a big savings at the register. Most of the toys that are included in these sales are hot ticket items perfect for several of the kids in your life.

Shop with Toys R Us Coupons

These are simple to find. All you have to do is go online and search for them. Some of the biggest coupon sites in the country have numerous Toys R Us coupons from which you can choose. There are some that are better for some purchases than others, so be sure to take care to consider which one might benefit you the most. For example, sometimes you have to choose between coupons such as “$10 off your purchase,” or “20% off your purchase,” and you aren’t sure which one to choose. If you’re buying something for $50, either will work just the same. If you’re buying something more than $50, you’re going to benefit more from the 20% off coupons since that discount will increase as your purchase increases. You’d rather save $20 on a $100 purchase than $10, right?

Sign up for Email and Mail Offers

Anytime you create an account with Toys R Us or Babies R Us, you are providing your personal information for the company. They will then send you coupons in the mail and online so that you can shop at either Babies R Us or Toys R Us for less. The store is one in the same, which most people know.

These coupons come regularly, and they’re very generous. Everyone loves a period coupon in their email or mailbox that allows them to take 15% off the purchase of any one item in the store. All the savings you can find shopping for toys helps, especially since kids today change their favorite character or game or mind with the change of the seasons.

You don’t even have to create an online account. You can provide this information when you shop in any Toys R Us location to receive coupons and savings passes to use throughout the year. Be careful with expiration dates, however, as many of these coupons do expire within a few weeks to a month after the company issues them to their frequent shoppers.

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