Three Reasons the Sunoco Credit Card is the Gas Card for You


There is a lot of debate among gas cards as to which one is the best option for drivers. Some offer you rewards you cannot seem to refuse and others do not offer rewards that are quite as good. Some gas cards offer special incentives a few times a year that make the card desirable, and some people can’t seem to choose a gas card because they like the rewards of one but there just aren’t that many convenient locations near them. It’s not always easy to choose the right gas card, but the Sunoco credit card is one worth looking at a bit more in-depth. There are Sunoco stations all over the country, and many of them are easily accessible to your home, office or school. That’s just of the primary reasons you might choose this card in lieu of another gas card, and we have a few more reasons you might decide to make this the gas card you carry from here on out.

Thousands of Locations

Sunoco stations are everywhere. There are thousands of locations across the country and the prices are always on target with other gas stations. There is nothing you have to worry about when it comes to finding a gas station at which to use this particular credit card.

Gas Discount

What people really use this card for, however, is not the convenience of thousands of locations but rather the discount they get on every gallon of gas purchased. You get a $.05 discount on every gallon when you shop Sunoco. It might not seem like much, but that’s a dollars savings for every 20 gallons you pump. If you pump 2 times a week and save $2 per week, that’s $104 in gas savings each year. it does add up.

Ongoing Discounts

Many cards only allow you to have a gas discount up to a certain amount each month, but the rewards are ongoing and never-ending with the Sunoco card, which is just one of the reasons this card is so desirable for many drivers.

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