Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Apply for the QVC Credit Card


Millions of people make purchases from QVC, and they love it. It’s a home-shoppers dream come true to be able to sit down at home and make orders over the phone for things you don’t really need but just cannot live without. The network is one that has a big popularity rating despite the fact that most of the items sold on QVC are non-exclusive. What does this mean? This means you can actually purchase the items anywhere in the world. It also means you might not be getting the best possible deal when you make purchases here.

Another feature of QVC is their retail credit card. For those who do a lot of shopping here, the credit card sounds like a great deal, but it’s actually probably not the card for you. Before you click submit and knock a few points off your credit score with this card application, take a few minutes to consider a few reasons you might want to avoid this credit card at all costs.

High Interest Rate

No one likes to pay interest on items they’ve purchased; it completely defeats the purpose of sale items and makes things far more expensive. However, if you plan on paying your card balance in full each month, this is not a concern for you. If you don’t plan on paying more than the minimum each month – or more than the minimum but still not the full balance – you’ll want to know that this is a very expensive card with its 24.99% APR. And that’s for all cardholders; not just the ones with poor credit.

Poor Benefits

QVC lists their card benefits as wonderful, but there are actually not benefits associated with the card. You will get early looks at new items, but not a chance to purchase or pay less for them. Additionally, you will also receive online banking features, online bill payment features and the company even lists, “easy-to-read” statements as a benefit and reward for having this card. Yikes; that’s supposed to comes standard with all cards.

The Fine Print

Most people end up getting into a bit of a bind with this card because they do not read the fine print. In this case, you do not have until 11:59 pm EST to pay your bill on the due date. Many people pay early, but some people pay that day online and never worry about paying when they have a few minutes free. However, if you don’t pay before 5 pm EST (2 pm PST), you’re payment is considered late and you will incur late fees.

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for QVC


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