Three Great Reasons You Need an IKEA Credit Card


Who does not love IKEA? Sure, everything seems a bit small when you’re in the showroom, but how many of us head in there and pick up things we either didn’t know we needed, or things we totally needed but didn’t want to spend too much on? For the most part, Americans are obsessed with IKEA. It doesn’t add to our obsession that we can go in there and literally browse for hours without escape (how carefully they planned the lack of exits, no?) and that we can pay minimally for our kids to go to a fun day camp while we shop? Oh, and we can eat in there? Yes, did we mention the smell of those freshly baked cinnamon rolls in the restaurant area? Essentially, the Swedish people know how to trap Americans, and they call it IKEA. Throw in the IKEA credit card and its awesome benefits and people might as well just pack a bag and move right in. If you’re not sold on the benefits of this card, let us remind you what they are.

Interest-Free Financing

The prices are already low, but who doesn’t love the idea of buying things here and not having to pay interest on them while you take a little while to pay them off? Sure, the interest-free period is only 55 days, but that’s great for people who want to avoid debt. You can pay it off when you get your bonus or after your next payday; and you don’t have to come out of pocket today or risk paying interest charges.

Exclusive Sale Invitations

A sale in items that are already inexpensive is always welcome, and the people of IKEA know this. When you are a cardholder with this store, you will receive exclusive invitations to sales that no one else knows about just yet, which means you can pick up what you want before it’s sold out. And things here sell out fast thanks to their super low prices.

Design Ideas in the Mail

Not all of us are stellar interior designers with an eye for what’s beautiful and perfect; some of us have to look at our catalogs from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and try to recreate looks straight from there to end up with a home that looks marginally stylish. Unfortunately, those stores are expensive so it’s hard to find those items at decent prices. IKEA sends the same design catalogs to cardholders, which means you can recreate gorgeous, stylish rooms in your home designed completely by IKEA, which means only one thing; IKEA prices.

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