Saving Money with the Kay Jewelers Credit Card


Shopping for jewelry is usually always expensive, unless you like the costume stuff. If you’re looking to purchase something a bit nicer than costume jewelry but not quite as nice as something you might find in a little blue box, you might consider your local Kay Jewelers. Any company that comes up with the motto that every kiss begins with Kay deserves some major shopping credit – it’s genius. If you’re looking to make a purchase at Kay’s, you might want to know how you can save money on that purchase, and we might have a few good ideas for you.

The Kay Jewelers credit card is a great way to buy what you want and save money at the same time. I know you’re thinking that charging your purchase doesn’t sound much like saving, but more like running up debt, but we haven’t finished yet so just hold tight. You can use this card to shop for items at Kay and still save money, and we will tell you how.

Special Financing Offers

You can buy what you want and put it on your card. This means you’ll get to finance the purchase and pay a monthly payment, which is far less expensive than putting out thousands of dollars at one time. As long as you pay your balance in full by the time your special financing promotion ends, you will be able to save money on the purchase you just made. Wait too long to pay it off, however, and you’re going to pay that interest that accumulated.


Kay cardholders are offered several discounts throughout the year, which means you will have opportunities to save money here and there when you need to make a purchase. This is a great way to save on things you might need to purchase for a special occasion, or it might just give you incentive to treat yourself to a little something nice every so often just because you get a discount.

Free Cleanings

When you get your jewelry cleaned free of charge it saves you a lot of money. We recommend that you do take advantage of this, especially if your warranty states that you do. Otherwise, you might lose out on that warranty and then your cleanings will all be for nothing if your jewelry breaks.

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