What are the Rewards and Benefits of the Bass Pro Credit Card?

Bass Pro

You don’t live in Florida your entire life without knowing exactly what Bass Pro is, and exactly why people get so excited to shop here. It’s an outdoor world that makes all the people who spend time outdoors very happy. As a not very outdoorsy person further than my deck and the pool take me, it is hard to deny the fact that you do have to go here from time to time. And living 10 minutes from the ocean and spending every weekend for 6 months on the water scalloping, fishing, swimming and just overall having a great time with friends and family means you spend a lot of time here picking up things for boats and coolers and the like. That’s why so many people have what we like to call a Bass Pro credit card. You get rewards, and people who spend money like to be rewarded for that. So here are the benefits of having this card in your life so that you can get one for yourself and live your life with all the outdoor world stuff you ever needed – or didn’t really need, but wanted.


If you have the MasterCard, each qualifying Bass Pro purchase will earn you a staggering 5% cash back. If you have the platinum plus card, however, you will still earn an impressive 3% cash back. It’s not a bad gig if you can get it. Everywhere else you shop will earn you 1%.

It’s Good for Conservation

Every time a cardholder goes into Bass Pro and buys something on their card, the company donates money to conservation specialists across the country. This is a store that loves the great outdoors, and they prove it by making sure they support it’s saving.

Rewards are Unlimited

The good news is that the rewards you will earn here are completely unlimited. This means that you will not have to use them or lose them; you can save them and use them when you want, and you can use as  many as you want.

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