How to Properly Use Your Catherine’s Credit Card


Many people who love to shop at Catherine’s have a store credit card, and they wonder how they can use their card regularly while still maintaining good credit. The answer is simple, but we should discuss why you might want this card before we discuss that information. A credit card to your favorite store is always a nice perk because you get a lot of rewards and extras for having this card. We like it because it means you get to have the card and you get to shop while being given free money, discounts and other advantages that people without this card have. The Catherine’s credit card allows you to receive discounts in the mail, in your email and throughout the year for special events and for things like your favorite sales. It’s also a great way to earn points so you get even more free swag. But none of that is worth it if you can’t use the card responsibly and maintain a good credit score, so we have some advice for you.

Pay it Off in Full

If you cannot pay your card off in full each month, do not use it. You need to be able to do this if you want to get the most out of the card, including your points and a good credit score. Feel free to spend as much as you want, just make sure to pay it off in full each month.

Pay on Time

If you forget to make even one payment, or even if you just make it a little late, you’re going to have to pay. You’re going to be hit with late fees, a higher interest rate and maybe even a letter of notification that you were late or missed a payment to the credit bureaus; this is going to negatively affect your credit score and cause you to suffer tremendously.

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