Nordstrom Credit Card Benefits That are Too Good to Pass Up


Shopping has never been more fun, or more rewarding, than it is at Nordstrom when you use your Nordstrom credit card. You will get plenty of Nordstrom Notes, rewards and bonuses with this card, and it’s so easy to earn points and rewards with this card. We love it because it’s a great card that comes with great customer service and the ability to shop whenever you want at your favorite department store. Even better, the card is also good for use at any Nordstrom Rack, which has just as many upscale designer fashions as Nordstrom, only they’re from past seasons and they’re exceptionally discounted as far as price is concerned – but who cares about that minor detail?

Nordstrom is a great store for the entire family. Women and men will find large departments with everything from high-end designer casual clothes, work clothes and formal clothes, shoes and accessories. The children’s department offers the same sweet looks that you would expect from an upscale children’s boutique, and it’s all in one place. Don’t forget you can also pick up your favorite beauty supplies and fragrances when you’re in the store or online, as well. With that in mind, there is no reason not to apply for the Nordstrom credit card, but we do have a few more good reasons.

Points, Points, Points

You get 2 points for every dollar you spend at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack (and 1 point for every dollar you spend elsewhere with the signature visa). There are certain dates throughout the year that are easily available to cardholders that detail when you have the opportunity to earn double points, such as right after Christmas and many other times throughout the year. If you plan your shopping trips just right, you can earn so many points you won’t know what to do with them.


What are you supposed to do with all those amazing points? Redeem them for Nordstrom Notes. These are basically gift cards you can apply toward any purchase you make at Nordstrom. You get $20 in Nordstrom Notes for every 2000 points you accumulate, which is not bad at all. The notes come quickly when you shop special events at Nordstrom.

There are also other benefits to having this card, such as free alterations, special event access, VIP shopping access and special event considerations. You’ll always feel like a VIP when you shop at Nordstrom with your Nordstrom credit card.


There are four levels for each card. The first level is the most basic, and the rewards and benefits grow the higher you reach in the reward department. For example, the rewards are as follows:

Level 1 – up to $1,999 in purchases each year

Level 2 – up to $4,999 in purchases each year

Level 3 – up to $9,999 in purchases each year

Level 4 – more than $10,000 in purchases each year

The higher you reach on the level of benefits, the more you earn. For example, levels 1 through 3 will receive credits in the form of Nordstrom Notes on their account statement each time they have an in-store alteration (up to a certain dollar amount) but level 4 cardholders will receive unlimited alterations. The cost of alterations will be matched dollar for dollar on your statement as Nordstrom Notes. Say you have $1000 in alterations this year and you are a level 4 member, you will receive $1000 in Nordstrom Notes on your statement.

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