What You Need to Know about the Firestone Credit Card


Firestone makes you think of two things; tires and that guy that was the Bachelor. It’s mostly tires, but we still think of the guy that was the Bachelor when we hear the name, see it on our cars and need new tires. It’s become sort of one in the same when you really think about it. While the Bachelor might have added to the fame of the name – or turned people off from shopping Firestone tires completely – it’s still the name of the biggest tire store around, and you can’t ignore that no matter how much you loathe or love the choices that Andrew Firestone made when he was the Bachelor.

The Firestone credit card is just another aspect of this brand. It’s designed to make tire shopping a little less stressful, a little more enjoyable, and a little less overwhelming. It’s the kind of credit card designed to make life easier, and that means a lot of people apply for it here and there when they’re in the store looking for new tires. And, if you’re a veteran driver, you already know that buying tires is expensive. Even cheap tires are expensive, and it’s never fun to realize that your car needs a new set. Since it’s recommended that you never buy less than two tires at a time, it gets even more expensive. With the Firestone credit card, however, you can actually save on your new tires and not feel the stress and pressure that comes with paying such a hefty bill. But is the card right for everyone? We have looked up the pros and cons of this particular credit card to share with you so that you can make an informed decision before applying for this credit card.

The Benefits

If you have to buy new tires, you can get away with a no interest financing plan for 6 months. All you have to do is make a minimum purchase of at least $299 and if you pay it off within 6 months, you don’t have to pay any interest. This is a pretty good deal for someone who needs new tires but needs a little time to pay for them. The catch here is that if you don’t pay this balance in full by the time your 6 months special financing program has ended, you will have to pay the interest for the past 6 months as it does accrue.

Promotional offers are something else that Firestone offers to their cardholders. These offers are mailed periodically to cardholders so that they have the chance to save on products they need through the company. It’s not often that you find discounts on things like tires and automotive care, which is what makes this benefit unique. It’s the kind of benefit that will allow you to plan when you  need to buy your tires, save the next time around and hopefully make some wise financial decisions that won’t leave you in debt or wondering where your money went.

Additionally, the Firestone credit card comes with easy payment options, online billing options and security that will allow you to rest easy if your card is lost or stolen provided you make the report right away. This is a great card for those who like to have credit card security.

Finally, the Firestone card boasts their generosity when it comes to issuing credit limits. These credit limits are often higher than other cards, and the card is also one for people who have less than perfect credit. It’s not possible to get one with bad credit, but it’s not impossible to get one if you have credit with a few mistakes in your history.

The Complaints

If you are going to pay for tires for your vehicle but you can’t pay off the amount you charge within the first 6 months, this might not be the best card for you. It might be better and more financially savvy to apply for a major credit card with a longer no-interest rate or one that doesn’t have an interest rate quite so high. The rate on this card is standard for all cardholders, no matter their credit score. At 22.99%, not paying off that balance within 6 months is going to be very expensive.

Additionally, this is a card that doesn’t deceive people, but it does not make it entirely clear that there is interest associated with your account. You might not have to pay interest if you pay off your card within 6 months of your purchase, but you don’t have a no interest card. If you don’t pay it off, your interest is only deferred, which means that you will still pay interest. It accrues. Don’t pay off that card; watch 6 months worth of interest get tacked onto you bill.

In addition to this, something that many people make complaints about regarding their own Firestone credit card account is the fact that their interest was tacked on way too early and they did not get their 6 months of no interest. This happens when a cardholder makes a late payment. It does not matter if that payment is a month late or a day late. One late payment is enough to void your contract and make it possible for the issuing bank to tack on that interest and charge it to you from that point forward. This is where online banking comes into play as you can make your payments immediately and never have to worry about making late payments again.

Customer service is another one of the most common complaints about this card. Many people who apply for this card state that they are upset with the lack of good customer service. Most cardholders prefer to deal with representatives that are helpful and kind, but many cardholders state that those they speak with are unkind, unhelpful and sometimes downright rude.

Poor customer service is probably the biggest complaint surrounding this card, though every complaint should be taken with consideration to all special circumstances and individuals making the complaints.

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