Why You Need an Express Credit Card to Help Rebuild Your Credit

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Credit cards have such a stigma attached. So many people are terrified to get them because they’re terrified they’re ruin their credit or send them spiraling into debt. Let’s be honest here; a credit card will not send you spiraling into debt; your own misuse of a credit card is what will send you spiraling into debt. If you cannot be trusted to use a credit card as it was intended, then you are correct in not getting one. If you have misused your credit in the past and are looking to rebuild, you might consider a store credit card to help you boost your store.

The Express credit card, which is issued by Comenity Bank, is one of the better cards to try. This card has some great features, including great rewards and a high approval rating. Most people who apply for this card, even with less than perfect credit, are approved for some kind of credit limit and the ability to work their way to a higher limit and a higher credit score. Keep reading to find out how this card can help you improve your credit.

Providing Credit

You don’t need a perfect credit score to get credit at Express. You can have one that’s as low as 600 for approval. It’s typically considered a low score, but the company is good about approving people for at least a few hundred dollars on their limit. This can help you use the card responsibly without getting in over your head. The interest rate is high at 24.99 percent, but if you use the card and pay it off in full each month, you’ll rebuild your credit and not build your debt.

Frequent Credit Limit Increases

Express is great about increasing your credit limit. Some users will report that after a few months of responsible use, they were given the opportunity to raise their limit by several hundred dollars. They state that the store continues to raise their limit as they continue to remain a loyal and trustworthy customer of the store.

The Rewards are Great

This is a store card with great rewards, which is not something every card boasts. You get 10 points for every $1 you spend on qualifying Express purchases, you get a $10 gift card with every $2500 points you earn and you get VIP perks, such as first access to sales as well as monthly specials. You even get opportunities throughout the year to earn additional points that will get you bigger and better rewards.

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