What Might Happen to the Costco Credit Card?


The Costco credit card is one that many people felt was beneficial to them for many years. However, it seems that American Express and Costco have decided to end their agreement and their long-term credit card agreement, so this particular credit card is one that will no longer be available to consumers when it’s time to apply for a wholesale club credit card. What does this mean for consumers? It means that they will not be able to apply for a Costco credit card until the company comes to an agreement with a new credit card issuer that allows them to issue cards from another financial institution. This is not to worry, however, as it appears that the company is nearing the end of an agreement with another card issuer. On the bright now, however, it appears that you might get some really great perks if you’re a first-time applicant when the new agreement comes into play. We can’t say for sure, but many companies will offer incentives to draw in new business when they reach a deal such as this, and we are going to see if we can guess what the new card issuer might offer consumers.

Low Interest Rates

We don’t know for certain whether or not this will happen, but it’s not unheard of in this situation for the new lending bank to offer a very small window for new applicants to get exceptionally low rates. And we also don’t know how long they will last.

Bonus Points

Perhaps one of the best perks of having a new credit card issuer is the fact that the issuer might offer some significant rewards to get people started applying for that card. We don’t know what kind of rewards might be offered, but we can say that it’s highly likely this will happen.

Membership Benefits

Clubs and stores like their cardholders to have benefits that are strictly associated with their offerings, which means Costco might offer some new incentives that will get you to want to sign up for this particular credit card when it’s made public.

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