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Kohls is a favorite store among shoppers because it offers discount prices on many of the things that you need at home. There are always sales going on and there are always coupons available. The other thing so many consumers love about this store is the fact that there is a Kohls just about everywhere. It’s hard not to find one near you. For the convenience of shoppers, Kohls does offer its own credit card and it has some perks and benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular credit card is the number of ways in which cardholders can make quick and timely payments. The Kohls credit card payment options make it easy for cardholders to save money on late fees and keep their credit score high by not missing any payments and not making any late payments, and it even makes it possible for cardholders to save a few dollars a year on stamps. It may not sound like much, but every little bit does help. Read on to find out all the different options you have when making your Kohls credit card payment.

Call it In

You can call Kohls using the number on the back of your credit card to make a payment. Doing this allows you to make a quick and easy payment that will post right away to your account. You can even ask that your payment is designated to a certain purchase, such as one with special financing so that you can pay it off faster to eliminate or avoid interest charges.


You have two options when paying your credit card bill online at Kohls. You can pay each month by logging into your account and entering your payment information, or you can set up an automatic monthly payment by designating an amount – which can be changed at any time – and letting the bank debit your account on that date each month.

In Person

You can also pay your credit card bill in person by visiting any Kohls store. Simply head to the back and pay their bill with the customer service representatives at the desk. All you have to do is provide your name and account number, and a method of payment. Your payment will post immediately.

By Mail

If you choose to get the monthly statement in the mail, write a check and send it back. Make sure to sign the check and add your account number on the check so that your payment is posted to the correct account in case it is separated from the attached portion of your bill. You’ll want to mail this at least 10 days prior to the due date to ensure it is received on time.

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