Three Ways the Chevron Credit Card Helps Customers Save on Gas


Gas prices are lower now than they’ve been in approximately four years in most places according to the national media, and that’s a very exciting realization for anyone who has to stop at the pump on a regular basis. At less than $3 a gallon in many places across the country, drivers are feeling the relief at the pump, and it’s something we all hope sticks around for the foreseeable future. Lower gas prices take a bit of the crunch of many budgets, and it even makes it possible for many people to get out of the house and enjoy life just a bit more.

However, even though gas prices are lower now than they’ve been in many years, they’re still now low. I, personally, remember when filling up my car when I began driving meant paying $.99 per gallon, or about $16 for an entire tank of gas. Sure, I had a small car. But now I have a much larger car, and what should cost me $20-something to fill up then now costs me closer to $70 (more than triple!). Gas prices are lower now, but they’re not low. That’s why Chevron and Texaco are offering new credit card holders the chance to save even more with a new card application.

$.50/Gallon Fuel Credits

When you apply for and are approved for a credit card with Chevron right now, you will earn $50 in fuel credits for the first month of your cardholder-ship. This is huge savings at the pump, and it can make a big difference in what comes out of your pocket when you use this card. This offer in and of itself is almost enough to make people apply for this card.

$.10/Gallon Fuel Credits

Once your 30-day introductory period is over, you will no longer earn a half dollar on your gas purchases. However, if you spend $300 a month on qualifying purchases, you can get fuel credits of $.10 per gallon to be redeemed at any point throughout the year. These are big savings for those who drive regularly.

$.20/Gallon Fuel Credits

If you want to save a little more on gas, you have to spend a little more on your credit card. Chevron offers their customers who spend $1000 per month fuel credits of $.20 per gallon. If you don’t want to go into debt to lower your gas prices, just pay your monthly bills on this card (mortgage, car, insurance) and then pay it off at the end of the month with the cash designated for these bills.

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