Four Great Reasons to Apply for a Sears Credit Card


The Sears Credit Card is one of the most well-known store credit cards on the market. The card is famous for its rewards points and its ease of use, but that doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about this credit card. In fact, even many longtime cardholders are surprised to learn they don’t know everything about their Sears card. There are many features and benefits that change regularly, which means there’s always something new and exciting to be had by applying for this card and adding it to your wallet. However, it can easily ruin your credit if not used responsibly, paid on time and not treated as though it’s free money to spend on a whim.

Sears cardholders are always put first in the eyes of the store. This Citibank credit card offers exclusive savings and deals, members only offers, advance notice of sales and deals and it also offers some exceptional credit card protection. One thing Sears credit card holders never have to worry about is realizing their credit card has been compromised or stolen. Cardholders are not considered responsible for purchases that are made after the card is reported stolen, which is just one reason people love this card so much.

If you’re in the market for a Sears credit card, you’ll want to get a head start checking out all the benefits and offers that the card carries with it.

Card Offers

Every month there are different offers available from Sears and even from Kmart for cardholders. These offers are not available to anyone but cardholders, which is where it pays to be a member. It’s impossible to say what each offer is each month, but it’s safe to say that the offers are always worth it and they’re always changing. For example, you might receive the offer of 0% financing for a year, 18 months and sometimes even longer on initial purchases over a certain dollar amount. The deals change with the seasons and throughout the year, but they’re always created to best benefit cardholders.

Additionally, there are always exclusive discounts to be had by card members. This might occasionally include free shipping on online purchases, a discount at the register when you make your next purchase or even a free item – it just depends on the time of year and the promotion at the time. The simple fact is that there is always something available for cardholders. The savings come monthly, which means you’ll always have a reason to save and a reason to look forward to your next trip to Sears.

Savings opportunities are always given to cardholders before the general public. So long as you have a valid email address, you’ll receive these offers and discounts before anyone else. This means exclusive access to the things you want the most when they go on sale, which is a spectacular way to save. There’s always an offer for Sears credit cardholders, which is just one of the reasons this is a card people love so much.

Convenient Account Management

Aside from the numerous payment options, the online account management with this card is amazing. You can schedule a repetitive monthly payment, pay each month online, pay through the mail, pay over the phone or pay in any Sears department store. This makes it virtually impossible for you to forget to pay your bill or even pay it late since there are so many options when it comes to making payment.

Additionally, you are provided with 24/7 account access at the tip of your finger. This makes it easy to check for fraud, purchases and balances. You’ll never be out of control when it comes to your credit card account again with this kind of simplicity.

Online billing is also available, which is a feature that makes many people happy. There is no worry that you’ll misplace your bill when it arrives when it comes through your email, and there is no reason for the card company to waste any paper or kill another tree to send your bill when it can be easily emailed right to your inbox.


Perhaps the best benefit of holding this card is the account protection it offers. The Sears credit card offers account protection that includes everything from unauthorized purchases to identity theft.

It’s unfortunate, but it can happen to anyone, especially this day and age when so much personal information is so readily available to people online. Whether your card information is hacked or stolen, or someone attempts to open up an account in your name in the process of stealing your identity, Sears is prepared to handle that issue for you. Cardholders are not responsible for fraudulent purchases made when a card is stolen. They are also not responsible for purchases made on a card that was illegally applied for and used by someone else.

Easy Application Process

The final reason so many people enjoy this card is the fact that you can apply for it with ease. If you’re home and decide you want to apply for a Sears credit card, simply log on to your computer and apply for a card on the Sears website. If you’re approved for credit, you will receive information immediately so that you can start using your card when shopping online or wait for it to arrive in the mail. If you are not approved, you will receive a letter in the mail informing you of the reasons behind the decision that was made.

You can also apply for this card in any Sears store by providing your information to a cashier at the register. The process takes just a few minutes and if you are approved, you can use your card to make your current purchase and to receive a discount on your purchases. Finally, it’s a matter of simply picking up an application and taking it home, mailing it to Sears or taking it to the nearest store for approval if you don’t feel like standing in line to apply.

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