Five Furniture Company Credit Cards That Truly Save


It’s always a bit of an annoyance when you walk into a furniture store to make a purchase and the salespeople hound you incessantly to apply for a credit card. Why do they care so much whether or not you apply for a card as long as you have the cash to pay for your purchase? While it doesn’t really matter why they care so much, it should matter why you care not to apply. Sure, the application process is going to drop your credit score a few points. No, you don’t want another credit card. You can afford your new furniture, so why apply? The answer is not that simple; but the savings are simple. Many store credit cards are good for those who want to earn points and rewards and save money in the process. So what we have done is round up five of the best furniture store credit cards available to you so that you can make a decision as to which one you want to apply for. Each one offers significant savings, so the decision is up to you.

Ashley Furniture Credit Card

With a number of special financing offers, you can buy new furniture and take your time paying it off without ever worrying that you’ll pay interest. With these offers, you won’t be responsible for any interest provided you pay off your purchase in the allotted time frame. This makes it simple to save when you shop for furniture, and it makes it more likely that you will go back to the store and shop for furniture here again. Additionally, cardholders are given special opportunities such as advance access to sales and notice about discounts. They’ll also receive coupons in the mail for furniture, which just adds to the savings you can enjoy when shopping at this particular store.

IKEA Credit Card

Not your typical furniture store, we love this credit card because it has some great offers. Not only can you get furniture for virtually every room of your house, you can save on things for other rooms that most furniture stores don’t bother with. When was the last time a true furniture store offered patio furniture, closet organization systems or kitchen upgrades as well as brand new living room sets and entertainment centers? This card offers special financing that’s good for 55 days, discounts to shoppers, advanced notice of sales and deals, and even exclusive shopping adventures that people who are not cardholders are not able to receive. This card also has some of the most flexible credit limits around, which means you can probably get your limit increased to make specific purchases if you’re close to your limit or your purchase will take you over your limit. That makes this card worth it for many.

Pottery Barn Credit Card

What we love most about this store credit card is the fact that you get to choose how you want to save. You can either choose to go with 12 months of interest free financing, or you can choose 10% off your purchase. This is a sweet deal for anyone looking to upgrade the furniture in their home. Since Pottery Barn also includes Pottery Barn Kids, this is a place that offers you a credit card with significant savings, and a bigger selection than many furniture stores. Not all stores offer things like baby bedding, cribs, changing tables and even baby apparel, but Pottery Barn does. It is not your standard furniture store, but it sells furniture for every room, as well as accessories that will really help you decorate and enjoy the rest of your home as well.

Rooms To Go Credit Card

This card saves because it understands that furniture is expensive. This is a company that knows it’s not always easy to pay off furniture in a year or so, and that’s why they offer special financing for three years. This means if you sign up for a Rooms To Go credit card today, you will make equal monthly payments beginning when you use your card, but you will not be charged interest until January 2018. That’s three years worth of interest-free financing, and that is a big deal. Additionally, cardholders with this furniture store are sent special pricing options, sales notices and even discounts throughout the year, and they’re given first access to many special pricing events. All of these work together to create some amazing savings for cardholders that need to buy new furniture for any room in the house.

Furniture Row Credit Card

This is another furniture store card that offers seriously good financing offers. This is another one that will not require that you pay any interest charges until January 2018. That means you get three years to pay off your purchase without worrying that you will not have time to do it before your interest begins to accrue. Additionally, when you apply for this card you can begin using it that day. The application process is simple, and the card is available for use at any Furniture Row location for any of their products. With special financing offers available, discounts in the mail and coupons that go out to cardholders periodically, it’s not hard to save with this credit card.

If you’re thinking about opening up a store credit card when buying furniture, we recommend that you first check out what the store has to offer so that you can be sure you are applying for a card you will put to good use. It’s never a good idea to apply for a card for a discount such as free shipping or no interest and then never use the card. It doesn’t look good on your credit, it does drop the score and it’s useless. Use the card, pay it off and take advantage of the many offers than come your way when you are a cardholder. These store cards might not be as beneficial as other store cards in terms of big discounts all the time, but they do offer savings that add up over the course of the year.

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