Find out How to Upgrade to the Exclusive Black Buckle Credit Card

Credit Card

Buckle offers a credit card to their shoppers, but what most people fail to realize is that there are several different levels. The classic Buckle credit card has some of the most amazing rewards in terms of small boutique credit cards, and that makes it a card worth having. The more advanced cards have even more benefits, which makes it impossible for cardholders not to want to work hard to earn an upgrade. The basic card offers users the ability to earn one B reward point for every dollar spent in the store and online.

When cardholders have a total of 300 points, they receive a free $10 gift certificate to use on a future purchase. That’s a big reward for such little savings, and it’s the reason so many people want to sign up for this card. If you’re considering the Buckle card, we’ll help you understand what kind of rewards you receive with each level of membership.

Buckle Classic Credit Card

With the classic credit card, you need only apply. There are no special considerations needed for this card. Anyone with a credit score that’s considered good and US citizenship can apply for this card and likely be approved. For every $1 classic cardholders spend, 1 reward point will be added to their account. This does not include shipping and tax. You cannot receive points on anything but the actual merchandise you purchase.

Buckle Black Credit Card

To get the black card you have to have a Classic card, and it must be in good standing. You don’t apply for the black card; you are issued the black card by Buckle when you spend $500 at the store in a calendar year. The company requires that you always spend at least $500 per year on the card to maintain possession of this card or they will downgrade you to the regular classic card again. Along with black card membership comes some additional rewards that are not detailed by the company unless you are a black cardholder.

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