How to Ensure Your Gap Credit Card Payment Positively Affects Your Credit Score


As the proud new – or veteran – Gap cardholder that you are, you’re probably itching to go shopping and use a bit of that plastic. Before you do that, remember that credit cards are not free money; you do have to pay that back. It also helps to remember that leaving a balance on your card to pay back in minimal increments is going to have a negative effect on your credit score, which could have a negative effect on the kind of house you can buy, the car you buy and even the loans you receive for college.

Every piece of credit, every purchase and every Gap credit card payment you make is going to affect your credit and your future in some way, shape or form. Fortunately, you have control over whether or not it’s in a positive manner. By understanding that your Gap credit card comes with some payment responsibilities, you can rest easy that your credit score is good to go. Here are three ways you can ensure your payment is positively affecting your credit score.

Schedule Automatic Payments

One of the easiest ways to ensure your Gap credit card payment is made on time is to schedule your payment online so that it automatically debits from your account. You never even have to remember to do anything other than have the available funds in your account for Gap to debit. It’s the foolproof way to pay off your credit card.

Pay At Least the Minimum

Gap does not issue a minimum payment each month as a suggestion; it’s either that amount or more. Don’t send less than the minimum payment. You can always send more, but a partial payment is not considered acceptable, even if the company cashes your check or debits your account in the partial payment amount. You must pay at least the minimum to keep your credit in good standing.

Utilize all Payment Options

If you don’t want to schedule auto payments, don’t. In fact, if you like to pay your card off in full each month, an auto payment won’t work since you never know the balance to specify. However, if you realize that your payment is due tomorrow and you forgot to mail your bill, you’ll want to utilize other payment methods. For one, you’ll want to utilize the ability to pay over the phone, in the Gap Store or online as well as through the mail.

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