Customer Complaints about the Bon Ton Credit Card


The Bon Ton credit card works just like any other; you use it to make purchases. You then receive a bill prior to your payment due date. On that bill is a minimum balance due, the full balance and the option to pay as much as you want so long as you meet at least the minimum amount due. Your payment is typically due the same day each month and you are assessed a late fee for being even one day late; it’s called a late fee for that purposes. Timely payments result in favorable credit reporting, and unfavorable payments result in the same unfavorable reporting. The card is one that people who love Bon Ton do use frequently, but it’s also a credit card with less than stellar reviews. The good news for Bon Ton, however, is that the bad reviews seem to be less their fault and more the fault of cardholders. We’ve rounded up a few of the most common complaints so you can see what you might expect if you choose to apply for this card.

Late Fees

One of the most common Bon Ton credit card complaints is the $25 late fee. Customers do not appreciate paying a late fee after making a late payment. Bon Ton suggests making on time payments to avoid this distress.

Website Issues

A few of the common complaints about this card also stem from the website. Customers state that they cannot make orders when they enter their information incorrectly and that sometimes it causes them to use more time than they thought necessary. Entering information correctly from the start can eliminate this issue.

Forgotten Passwords

The Bon Ton credit card has an online site on which you can pay your bills and view your account. If you do this, though, be aware that you must remember your password. Many customer state their dissatisfaction with having to call customer support to get a new one.

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