Common Woman Within Credit Card Complaints

woman within

The Woman Within sounds like an inspiring person we should all get to know, but it’s actually a store. And it’s a retail store many people love, but it’s also one that many do not. It seems that the Woman Within credit card is not all that it’s cracked up to be in the opinions of many, and that leaves people wondering whether or not they should apply for this card or just let it go (because a Frozen reference is always appropriate). If you have the Woman Within credit card, you might be perfectly happy with it and we will tell you why; because you are using it correctly. Some people are unhappy with their card because they did a little something called ‘using it irresponsibly,’ and now they’re suffering the consequences. Of course, it’s not their fault – because you can’t be held responsible for things that happened after you signed the terms and conditions you did not read. We’ve checked out a few of the most common issues people have with this card when they do not read the terms and conditions, and we thought we might share with the unsuspecting.

Late Fees

There are many complaints from customers with this credit card that states they were charged late fees when they made late payments. Many were not aware that there was a fee involved with not paying on time. Our suggestion to you is that you go ahead and make timely payments so that you can avoid these fees.

Increased Interest Rates

The standard rate with this credit card is not much to brag about, but it’s going to get worse if you make late payments and aren’t responsible with the card. The company is perfectly capable of raising the APR if you make late payments or miss payments. Don’t pay late or miss and you’ll be good to go.

Issues with Refunds

Now here is a real issue with this card; many consumers state that when they make a purchase and it’s backordered, they cancel the purchase. And that’s fine since many of us need things now and not later. But they do state that they have a big issue with refunds, and some cardholders state that it takes months to be issued a refund.

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