The Citgo Credit Card Can Save You Money


The good news is that gas prices are way down from where they’ve been the past few years. The bad news is that prices are going back up again. It feels like a month ago we were paying less than $2 a gallon for gas and now we’re getting closer to $3 a gallon again. It’s not as bad as it was, but it’s not good either. We need better gas prices to help American families live a bit more comfortably. It’s just ridiculous how much we spend on gas these days, and it’s not like most of us have  much of a choice in the matter thanks to kids and long commutes. However, we can give you a way to save a little bit on gas and that’s with the Citgo credit card. Citgo stations are almost everywhere, so it’s not like it’s difficult to find one when you need gas. And the card offers some  nice rewards, too.

Gas Discounts

For every gallon of gas you purchase with this card, you get $.05 off. This means that your gas prices will always be less expensive than other people’s gas prices. Unless, of course, they also have the Citgo credit card and they also get the many rewards available.

A Family Plan

You can add your entire family to your plan so that everyone has a gas card and everyone benefits from the discount at the pump. This could save your family hundreds of dollars on gas each year, which is a welcome savings no matter how much gas costs; cheap or not.

Flexible Payments

While it’s always recommended that you pay your credit card bill in full each month, you don’t have to pay this one in full on a month when something unexpected happens. You can pay the minimum payment, but just remember that this will affect your credit score.

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