How a Brooks Brothers Credit Card Benefits You

Brooks Brothers

For a man with style and finesse, Brooks Brothers is a wonderful store. There’s something about a man dressed in Brooks Brothers.  He always looks elegant and stylish, and it’s difficult not to notice the well-fitted clothing and the confidence he has when wearing items from this store. If you are a frequent shopper at Brooks Brothers and you’ve yet to apply for the Brooks Brothers credit card, it’s time to get on board with that card. It’s going to help make you (or the man in your life) dress even better than he already does. The Brooks Brothers MasterCard is one you can use anywhere that the MasterCard logo is accepted, and you’ll earn points and rewards on every purchase both in store and elsewhere. This makes it possible for you to receive discounts on the items you purchase most. If there is one thing more attractive than a man dressed in a Brooks Brothers ensemble, it’s a man who also values his finances responsibly.

Big Savings

Most credit cards designed for stores will give you a discount on your first purchase. Brooks Brothers does the same with their store card; you will receive 15% off your first purchase when you are approved for the card. However, if you get the MasterCard, you’ll also receive 15% off all your purchases for the following 30 days. That’s a big savings; and that’s not something anyone else offers their loyal cardholders.


The MasterCard also provides you with a $20 reward bonus after your first purchase anywhere other than Brooks Brothers. This will apply to anything in the Brooks Brothers store you want to make your own. And the discounts don’t stop there. Cardholders receive a $20 gift card after every $500 you spend.

It’s your Birthday

Brooks Brothers also recognizes your birthday if you are a cardholder. They will send you a $20 reward when it’s your birth month so that you can choose something savvy and chic to wear for your celebration – or so you can pick up something wonderful for the man in your life to wear for his big day.

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