How the BP Credit Card Saves Consumers Money at the Pump


Chase is the issuer of the BP credit card, and it’s a good one in terms of gas cards. This particular credit card is designed to benefit cardholders at the pump, and that’s always welcome. Even though gas prices are currently less expensive than they were a year ago, they’ve already gone up $.40 a gallon in the past month (where I live). It was looking really good when I was able to fill up my SUV for only $1.99 a gallon. And even though I’m paying $2.39 a gallon right now, it’s still a lot less expensive than it was a few years ago. Gas is not cheap – and it will probably go up again in the near future – and so saving at the pump is something we all need to try and do. That’s why the BP credit card comes in handy as much as it does; it gives you a chance to save money so that you can save, put it toward something else and just feel a little bit of relief at the pump. If you’re not sold on this card, let us tell you what else it has to offer.

Discount on Gas

Just for signing up and being approved for this card, you will get a $.10 per gallon savings on your gas up to a certain amount. This discount then drops to $.05 off per gallon, but even then the savings are actually quite nice as they add up throughout the year.

15% Savings

If you have a business and you apply for the Fleet business card from BP, you will save even more. This is savings of up to 15% off each of your gas purchases, which really does add up. If you spend $100 per week on gas with your business, you’ll spend $5200 per year. If you save 15% on those purchases, you’ll save 780 per year on your gas. That’s big time.

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