The Amazon Credit Card Offers Just as Many Perks as You Might Expect


Amazon burst onto the market virtually overnight – to everyone but the people trying to make it happen – and took over the world of ecommerce by storm. The virtual retailer began doing business as a virtual bookstore before merging business practices with other concepts, such as then sale of electronics and eventually, everything; and it’s now the United State’s largest internet-based company. The concept of Amazon is simple. It’s a marketplace where anyone can sell anything to anyone who wants it. People go for it, people buy into it; and people love it. It’s just part of the reason Amazon is so successful.

Other reasons Amazon is so successful is its ingenuity, its genius and its innovative concepts. In addition to the droid delivery system in the works by the company, Amazon did announce that their shipping times are becoming a lot faster. Now, the company is offering same day deliveries in many areas across the country. In an effort not to be outdone by florists and delivery people who’ve been offering same day delivery on their products for decades, Jeff Bezos – founder of Amazon – has decided to up the game and begin making deliveries in some cities in one hour or less. Before you know it, you’ll be able to think your order to Amazon and have it appear through very Harry Potter-like apparition abilities in your living room.

While one-hour Amazon deliveries might not be in your area at the moment, chances are good that you can still get pretty quick delivery. The Amazon Prime Now only works in places where Amazon has locations, but you can get overnight shipping on just about everything the company has to offer. By becoming an Amazon Prime Member, you can save even more money on your purchases by always receiving quick shipping and by having access to things others do not. You can also apply for an Amazon credit card to receive further discounts and benefits from the company that should change its motto to “Amazon: You’ll Have it Yesterday.”

Amazon offers two credit cards to the average consumer, and each one comes with its own set of perks. If you’re not sure which card is right for you, you’ll want to compare features, benefits and differences between the cards. Each card has benefits and differences, and while it might seem like an obvious choice to you, the choice others make might not be the same. That’s why we recommend comparing offers and learning how each card will benefit you financially in the future.

Amazon Store Card

The Amazon store credit card cannot be used anywhere but Amazon to make purchases. This is a specific card designed to benefit the company. With 0 fraud liability and special financing offers, this credit card does not differ much from others. To begin, you must have good credit. Without it, Amazon will not issue a card to you. They do not deal with people who have bad credit, and they will not make any exceptions. However, the company will notify you within 30 business days in writing why they chose to deny your credit application so that if you received denial in error, you can see what it was that caused this error to occur so that you can contact your credit bureau and handle the situation.

There are three special financing offers that range from small financing offers to larger ones; each requires a specific minimum payment to remain in effect. These offers range from 6 month special financing on orders of $149 or more to 12 month special financing on orders of $599 or more to special offers for items that can be financed for as many as 24 months without interest.

The interest rate on this card is high, which is why it’s not a good card for anyone who regularly carries a balance. At 25.99%, this card does not offer lower rates to people with more impressive credit. It offers one rate consumers can take or leave. This rate will not matter to anyone who makes a habit of paying their balance in full each month so that interest hasn’t the time to accrue.

When you receive credit approval, you will instantly receive a $10 gift card in your Amazon account to use on your next purchase. Finally, there is no annual fee associated with this card, which is great for additional savings.

Amazon Rewards Visa

Many people prefer this Amazon credit card because it is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. It offers some of the same benefits as the store card, as well as additional benefits for shoppers to enjoy. For one, this card has a much lower interest rate and it does vary based on credit information. Your rate could be anywhere from 14.24% to 22.24% depending on your credit history. You will also earn Amazon rewards that can be used toward your future purchases, travel purchases or just about anything you want in life.

Rewards are accumulated based on your spending habits. For each purchase you make through Amazon, you will receive 3% of your purchase in rewards. If you use your card at a gas station or drugstore as well as any restaurant in the world, you will receive 2% cash back. Everywhere else you can use your card will result in 1% cash back for you. Anytime you reach 100 points in your account, you can redeem it for $1. You can save them or use them as you see fit. Your points never expire and there are no exclusions when it comes to using your points to shop just about anywhere.

Like the store card there is no annual fee to carry this card, which is great for those who want to hold a credit card without paying fees at the end of each year. Also like the store card, your account will be issued a gift card when you are approved for this card. This one, however, is going to be $30 instead of $10.

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